M2Irons_CutawayOne of the problems most amateurs have with their irons is getting the ball up in the air. Club designers try to provide help by creating designs that push weight into the sole of the club but they also know an iron’s hosel by its very nature (solid, strong, long life) usually weights a lot.

TaylorMade Golf’s engineers attacked this problem with a reconfiguring or slimming of the new M2 iron hosel i.e., a “fluted” design, which freed up a significant amount of weight that then could be positioned towards the sole and close to the heel to promote a right to left ball flight. Add to that a newly designed 360 degree undercut with sole slot that TMaG calls a Speed Pocket.

The 360 degree enlarges the amount of unsupported face area for more flex at impact but with added benefit of saving grams to further lower the center of gravity.

TaylorMade is on record saying in their testing the new M2 irons are long, in fact 7iron robotic testing showed them longer by 5-yards or one-half a club than Callaway’s XR iron and beating out Ping’s G30 iron by 9-yards and with a higher peak trajectory than either.

M2 irons will be at retail February 19 and priced $799 steel or $899 graphite for an eight irons set of 4-iron through attack wedge.

There is also a similarly designed M2 Tour iron with a more compact head for better players to be in stores March 15 at $899 in steel only, for a seven iron set of 4-iron through pitching wedge.