Tail Activewear is known primarily for its golf and tennis apparel. Tail is an Active-wear company after all. However, Tail’s Fall 2015 release of Yoga & Athleisure apparel may have you wanting to call relaxation your new hobby.

Alicia Moon In Tail Athleisure Apparel. Jan Long Sleeve Hydrangea Blue Top With Black Compression Leggings With Ankle Zipper.

What exactly is Athleisure wear? Athleisure wear is apparel that is flexible, light-weight, and encourages a comfortably active lifestyle. Athleisure wear goes a step beyond yoga clothes to encompass daytime apparel that can be worn pretty much anywhere. It is designed to enable daytime activity while staying classy enough to be seen in. It is also the most comfortable apparel to have on for winding down in the evening. Tail’s Athleisure collection gives the active life-styler zero reason to want to change outfits during the day. It looks as good as it feels.

As lifestyle trends change over time, so does apparel. Tail is doing a great job of supplying that demand. More people are discovering that being fit and healthy doesn’t always have to mean rigorous, intensive workouts. Crossfit may simply not be everyone’s cup of tea. Yoga, hikes, walking the dog, and biking to work are some contemporary alternatives people are turning toward for continuing to feel lean and fit in our hectic schedules. When sitting at a desk all day has your energy low, wearing clothes that inspire movement and being outdoors is definitely refreshing. Hence the creation of Athleisure apparel.

Another big reason to throw on some Athleisure wear is rest! Rest is essential yet under-credited for managing our energy levels. Although you may not be able to escape the demands of your day, it would certainly make it a more enjoyable one in some comfortable clothes. Take a moment to curl up on the couch and flip through a fashion magazine, do your nails, or even take a 15 minute cat nap. Taking moments of rest will give you the energy you need to keep on going. If you are the crossfitter type, on the other hand, rest is even that much more important. You will still want to wind down after your hard work with some rest, stretching, or maybe a cup of detox tea. Whatever the reason for needing more energy, Athleisure wear will enable you to recover and continue about your day in style and cozy comfort.

Make Active Relaxation Your New Hobby This Fall In Tail’s New Yoga & Athleisure Collection

Tail’s Fall 2015 release is quite simply gorgeous. It is full of calming grey, soft pink, and sky blue tones that will have you both energized and relaxed simultaneously. Whether taking a moment to stretch, rest, walk, or even drop by the bank or store in your cute compression pants and comfy top, Tail will have you looking exactly as you feel.

Put some active relaxation into your day! Visit tailactivewear.com to find the full collection of Tail’s gorgeous 2015 Fall release of Yoga & Athleisure wear.