(This letter was sent as a follow up request to MGA executive director Joseph Sprague regarding the application filed by Mike Calef into the Mass Amatuer questioning his eligibility)

9, 2013


Mr. Joseph Sprague

Executive Director

Mr. Jesse Menachem

Director of Rules

Massachusetts Golf Association



Once again please let this email serve as valuable communication to you regarding your inquiry into whether MGA Amateur competitor Mike Calef has violated the rules of eligibility to participate in the tournament.

Another source from Brockton Country Club has come forward and confirmed to me that Mike Calef is not a member at Brockton Country Club. According to my source, Calef has not been a dues-paying member for many years and earned about $32,000 annually as Director of Golf, until he resigned in the fall of 2011, to move to Texas with his spouse. As you know Brockton CC hired PGA pro Rob Bradley to replace Calef, who is doing the same work as Calef did.

The private membership dues at Brockton CC are about $1,500 annually and Mike Calef has not written any checks to the club to claim membership status. Also, Calef does not have any extended honorary membership status and is not a social member or on a LOA. If Mike Calef is not a member at Brockton CC and has not been a member there for at least two years, then did Mike Calef falsify his application to the MGA?

If Mike Calef has falsified his application then he should be disqualified. Calef has the burden of proof to show that he is a member in good standing at the club he claims to be a member. Does he have cancelled checks? Did he pay any fees to the Brockton CC to claim membership, other than a claim of former Director of Golf? How does he declare a handicap at the club if he has not paid dues?

The bottom line is that Mike Calef’s participation in the MGA Amateur has jeopardized the integrity of the tournament, the field, the 360 MGA member clubs and the approximately 84,000 dues-paying member golfers, me included.

My request to you is simple. Please conduct a thorough investigation of Mike Calef’s application to be eligible to compete in the tournament and take the appropriate action, if necessary. Calef has a late tee time before his scheduled Round 2. Your investigation and subsequent response is in the best interests of the game. By the way I have spoken to several players from last year’s MGA Amateur, including the finalist, as well as a few players this year, and they have asked the same questions I have asked you to look into, except they do not wish to come forward, yet.

Respectfully submitted,


Thomas Gorman

MGA member golfer for 35 years.

Golf Writer since 1992.