Mizuno T7 Wedges

Mizuno_T7Wedges_IonBlue+Chrome_640x480The new Mizuno T7 wedges were first played by Mizuno pro staffer Luke Donald during the Open at Royal Troon in July and will be available to the public Sept. 16 for $150 each. What’s new is the forging of boron steel Mizuno used in the JPX 850 Forged irons that allows the face to be thinner due to the strength inherent in the alloy compared with carbon steel.

In addition to being stronger the faces of the T7 wedges last longer so the grooves can do their job longer.

Chris Voshall of Mizuno said in a press release, “As engineers, we utilized boron to let us make more extreme geometries, utilizing the strength of it to increase COR, but then the idea was why don’t we use that strength in other ways?” Milled grooves in the forged face wear and won’t “grab” the ball as much so spin and control are compromised so using a stronger metal such as boron steel produces added life to the grooves.

For lofts from 44 to 48 degrees the leading edge of the T7’s teardrop shaped clubhead is straighter gradually changing to more curved in the higher lofts of 58 to 62 degrees.

T7 wedges offer the choice of either a white satin finish or Mizuno’s distinctive blue ion finish.