NOBULL Brings Fitness To A New Level

NOBULL is the new kid on the functional fitness apparel block. They are a start-up brand from Boston that has created a full line of sneakers, clothing, and accessories for functional training, all of which are emblazoned with its name-slash-slogan, “NoBull”. Their hip and trendy branding — fueled by a “no nonsense” approach —  is what has caught the attention of many athletic/fitness buffs. This brand combines flashy designs with a roster of athletes — Brooke Wells, Brooke Ence, Jared Stevens, and Sam Dancer – giving an urban and modern look  to their shoes and apparel.


Brooke Ence – CrossFit Trainer

The NOBULL philosophy tells us that gimmicks in your shoes or apparel won’t make you fitter. Only you can do that. And they are here to supply you with gear that will stand up to the test of a hard working athlete.

NOBULL Trainers

The first thing you’ll notice about the NOBULL trainers is that they look very different from other functional training shoes. Instead of a mix of colors and materials, they are solid colors or printed patterns. It’s not just the look that makes the trainers different, though. The entire upper of the shoe is one seamless piece made of Superfabric, a flexible, grippy, and tough material that feels like a mix between canvas and a basketball. The Superfabric is also water replant (no more getting soaked in other “minimalist” shoes.)

The outsole lug pattern was designed for multi-environment usage, allowing for an easy transition between inside and outside with the right blend of flexibility, traction and support along with high carbon lateral and medial guards for added protection on sidewalls. These shoes have the right amount of stiffness in the upper to allow for both stability and agility.



Overall, this product is worth checking out. They have a unique and simple look without the extra baggage that other CrossFit trainers seem to have. The material is durable and water-resistant, and they are comfortable enough to wear in daily life. They provide enough support in the upper that they don’t feel flimsy, yet you don’t feel like you’re sacrificing agility either. Luckily at $130, they don’t cost more than any of the other bigger brands, so you can rest assured you’re getting your money’s worth with the NOBULL Trainers.

So, if you are looking to break away from the “big name” brands and still have a trainer that is going to stand up to any WOD, these are a good fit . . . literally.

NOBULL Lifters

NOBULL has set out to create the ultimate classic weightlifting shoe. Combining a Super Fabric similar to their other shoes along with top grain leather, the shoe is poised to win in the looks department.NOBULL

These lifters are very comfortable for weightlifting shoes, and the upper is made of the same SuperFabric as the NOBULL Trainers so you know it’s light, durable, and flexible.

No loose glue or ill stitching to be found anywhere on the myriad of Superfabric, leather and leather. The combination of the black Superfabric and mocha brown leather make for some of the best looking shoes, period.

The leather used in the NOBULL Lifter is hand selected, top grain material, embedded with natural oils. The result is an exceptionally strong and durable leather, with rich texture. They didn’t skimp on the details either – the tongue is also made of leather abd you get to pick from either the multi-colored boot laces or burnished black leather laces. Inside each medial strap is stamped: “#NoExcuses.”

NOBULL went with roughly the same heel height you’ll find on the most popular, such as the Nike Romaleos and Adidas Adipowers.

NOBULL Apparel

NOBULL’s apparel is simple yet functional, mainly focusing on performance and comfort.

The Women’s Steel Blue Leggings includes a thick waistband for added comfort and a pocket on the inside of the waistband to fit in added essentials. I personally love the idea of an added pocket because when I’m at the gym, I wanted to be able to put my phone somewhere, so this is a wonderful benefit in my opinion.


Steel Blue Leggings

NOBULL’s Men’s Charcoal Jogger’s are “functional for training, style for strutting.” The joggers have an internal exposed elastic performance waistband, with a sleek side seam YKK zipper pockets for the essentials.


Charcoal Mens Joggers

You can’t go wrong with vanilla ice cream and neither can you with the NOBULL fitness trainers and apparel. They combine all of what makes a great athletic brand into one well executed package, without trying to do too much of anything. If you want great performing shoes and apparel, you can’t go wrong with NOBULL. There is a lot of beauty in their simplicity.