Ping’s introduction of the G400 driver gave us a club with impressive ball speed and forgiveness but as they have done in the past, wanting to give even more help to recreational players, the new G400 Max pulls out the stops to aid us when impact is not exactly in the center of the face.

John Solheim, president of Ping describes the thinking behind the G400 Max, “The new G400 Max is engineered with the same technology as the original G400 but we’ve optimized the Pingsize to gain even more forgiveness, which leads to tighter dispersion and lower scores. With the addition of the Max to the G400 driver family, golfers now have four fitting options to ensure they’re getting the most out of their game. If you struggle finding the fairway with consistency, the Max is likely the best fit for you.”

In the Max many features have been tweaked starting with the clubhead size which is 460cc or 20cc larger than the G400 giving a deeper confidence-inspiring profile and using their lightweight skeletal Dragonfly crown. This pushes the center of gravity lower in the head and increases the resistance to twisting or MOI. Inside, a patented rib construction gives a great feel and deeper more muted sound which translates into a “boy is this solid” comment from those who have hit it.

The thin T9S+forged face allows additional flexing at impact to provide improved ball speed but also means weight could be redistributed to the rear and lower in the head in a heavier back weight. The center of gravity is the deepest Ping has ever produced which helps with tighter shot dispersion and, according to the company, is lower and further back than any current driver on the market.

For those interested in the numbers, the combined MOI (heel/toe and high/low) of the G400 Max is an impressive 9,900-gram cm2.

Finally, the aerodynamics haven’t been overlooked. The domed crown sports the vanes Ping calls turbulators in a more aggressive configuration and size to lower downswing drag. This increases clubhead speed and therefore ball speed.

As a complete package Solheim made the comment, “The forgiveness is off the charts and leads to tighter dispersion, which reveals just how consistent your distance and accuracy results will be on the golf course. We encourage all golfers to get fit and look closely at their dispersion, not just their one best shot on a launch monitor.”

The loft has plus or minus 1 degree of adjustment and a 45.75-inch stock Alta CB shaft. Retail price is $435.