Have you started holiday shopping for the golfer in your life? If so, you must check out the brand now Blackjack Putter that PXG has recently announced! PXG is an innovative golf company that is dedicated to ensuring their equipment and apparel are high-performance and of outstanding quality. Their latest technology, the PXG Blackjack Putter, is the company’s first release in the “Battle Ready Collection” and is a must-have for every golfer.

So, what makes the PXG Blackjack Putter so special? First off, this putter is fully optimized for stability and forgiveness on every single stroke. Founder & CEO of PXG, Bob Parsons, even states that with this stability and balance, the “odds are in your favor” with this putter, since putts “account for roughly 40 percent of shots taken.”

Not only does this Putter help with stability and balance, but it also features a new variable-sized, pyramid face pattern with groove depth, to increase the center hit velocity. Plus, with its bi-material construction and pyramid face pattern, it helps to ensure consistency in all significant factors that will affect your roll, such as ball velocity, spin rates, skid distance and more.

Now is the perfect time to purchase this putter as it is being introduced at a special price of $395, with it normally retailing at $525.