The right rain gear allows for fun play in any weather. Waterproof pants, jackets, shoes, gloves and hats will have you covered head to toe. A few companies specialize in raingear like Sunice that is always so nice in inclement weather and many apparel companies like Antigua also include waterproof or water resistant pieces in their outerwear lines.

Well, here are a few entrepreneurial gals with “brain drops” or new rain proofing ideas.

Arley Sarner and Morgan came up with the Handbag Raincoat, which protects purses in and out of buildings. Like a toaster cover, a clear plastic repellant hood slips over the handle of the bag draping it without diminishing the style. It is available in various sizes. This idea caught the attention of Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres. That kind of TV time brings more than the typical “15 seconds of fame.”

Handbag Raincoat

Maureen Caruthers likes to look good traveling through airports. She and her talented team including new President Steve Chuang came up with a stylish cape that wraps around the neck and shoulders with buttons to connect to a rain jacket or rain vest. It also may be pulled to the back and pinned in a super woman style. The movement of the cape creates a flashy flow of elegance. This is a super heroic design.

1/2 Sleeve Purple Rainjacket

Kathy Nyman is an LPGA pro who developed half sleeve rain slickers and wrap skirts for warm climate rain. Think Florida, Hawaii, and Bermuda, Bahamas; come on pretty mamas. Her rain hat is uniquely designed to fit over a visor. With or without the visor, it doesn’t flip or flop because of the clever drawstring clamp that cinches to just the right size. Black, blue and pink Rain Girl apparel options are now joined by purple – just in time since lavender is the 2018 pantone color of the year.