Care for some post-round golf talk on the rocks? While you might be trying to decide between Red Label or Black Label for your scotch preference, we vote Green Label to look the part.
AG Apparel’s brand new Green Label for golfers might be the hottest new look for men in 2015, and it’s just getting started. Anyone notice Camillo Villegas looking extra sharp lately? That’s because AG Apparel has made everyone’s favorite greens reader its fashion ambassador. Who better to model the brand of than golf’s “Spider-Man” himself! The new look is definitely eye-catching, and so is the Colombian golfer wearing it.

To put some spin on an age-old fashion question; Does the look make the golfer or the golfer make the look? The answer is Both. For men wanting to flaunt a sophisticated yet casual style that reads quality, AG’s Green Label is the way to go.

AG Apparel is defined by blending casual appeal with high quality designs and fabrics that compete on a high fashion level. Jeans-like patterns, cool pocket designs, and shoulder band accents are some of AG’s innovative trends that identify the Green Label Style. It’s form fitting, quality fabrics also yield a level of class that compares to that of Hugo Boss or Ralph Lauren. Well done AG Apparel! We look forward to seeing a lot of wear out of you from here on out, in clubhouse lounges and golf courses alike.

Visit AG Apparel online at http://www.agjeans.com/green-label/l/1025 for your new Green Label go to style.image

As always, remember to make your game your best accessory. “The sexiest thing on any golfer is a great swing!”

-Alicia Moon