Sandles for the Summer

Summer time signals freedom for our toes, walking barefoot in the grass while sipping lemonade. On the fairway that lemonade might merge with pale ale for a refreshing shandy and our toes can breathe freely in golf sandals. A company called Bite started the golf sandal trend in the late 90s. Somewhere along the way they seemed to have bit the dust though their sandals are still found online at Amazon. I never thought they felt good and they weren’t very attractive.

When Sandbaggers hit the PGA Show with their beautiful styles they became the rage of luxury pro shops. Especially comfortable with Stepsaver orthotics and easy to slip into with two Velcro straps is the classy Grace pair in black or gold. The soft soles provide stability without deep spikes. This is a sandal to pack for any trip to wear on the course or sight seeing. Sandbaggers offer a wide range of sandals so Imelda Marcos wannabes can match any outfit. They also design many elegant shoe patterns.

golf sandals

Photo courtesy of TGW

Phil Hendra and his wife entered the sandal market with Golfstream and successfully sold through the PGA Superstores. At first they lacked the arch support most of us need for 18 holes though they were pretty. Their spiked style rectified the arch issue and are still very stylish. The spikes are removable for after golf wear. This year’s color is a versatile gray and crystal silver.

Footjoy has joined the ranks of sandal providers and not just for ladies. Men too can let their toes wiggle. The styling for both men and women is sturdy and reminiscent of the early Bite designs. I haven’t tried them but with the Footjoy name, they are likely to be game functional.

Some players shy away from sandals because of sand bunkers, for fear of getting their feet gritty but that gives another reason for avoiding those hazards. But if you do land in the sand, use a little sandal sense and they shake out easily.