Often adorning the nape of fashionistas worldwide is a lovely scarf but none so pretty as the artwork of Barth & Mc Callig, designed with golfers in mind.

Language of Golf

Language of Golf

Do you have a special painting that you could stare at for hours? The “Language of Golf” scarf will draw the same examination. The co founders,  Judith Tytel and Susan Inman have taken great pains to detail their scarves with scenes from the ages. Click on the photo and enhance it for an appreciation of the story it tells. Their wearable art is suitable for framing.

The silk scarf dimensions are a generous 36“x36”. Other designs include “Carte Blanch” with a graphic series of golf carts and “On the Fence” – the beautiful, bright floral “setting might make up for the penalty shot you may have to take if your ball is against the fence.” More colorful graphics comprise the “Tee it Up,” “Tee Time,” “Sporting Lady,” “It’s a Charmed Life,” “Les Animaux,” and “Hailey’s Pond” styles.


Palm Tree Golf Scarf

A longer 18” x 72” “Flight Path” is described as “The TV is on, the commentator speaks, the shot is in the air! The ball is heading to its target and the graphics document its path. Like these fabulous shots, this scarf is long, fluid, and as Zen as the game itself.” The Palm Tree Golf is lovely too.

All are hand screened original prints on 100% designer quality silk twill with hand rolled edges. The soft texture and edge finish is truly exquisite. Each pattern is available in multiple shades, which can be seen online along with the tied view for each. Pack a few when traveling to change up and stretch out the wardrobe, taking no space int he suitcase.


Sporty Striped Tote

Sassies are sized at 5” x 59” for versatile wear around the waist, hat, neck, handbag or head for a lovely shot of color. The sassies are available in a shoe or animal print. Gift packaging is available for a wonderful tee prize at ladies tournaments and events. How about that special member/guest day?

The business of fabric art was so much fun, the ladies couldn’t stop at scarves. See their series of bags and totes, shawls and wraps, robes, jewelry rolls, key chains and umbrellas. Mix and match the collection pieces for any special gal. Remember, Mother’s Day is coming soon!!! http://www.barthandmccallig.com