The season is winding down here in the Northeast as the leaves change and the cold weather is coming in, that means it is time for our annual trip to Myrtle Beach October 9-14th. What better time to give you some travel advice if you plan to take a golf trip.

Although most would agree that any golf trip is a good golf trip, I think October is the best time to go down to golfers heaven in the bible belt for a couple of reasons.

We have gone a couple different times of the year and some will argue that the spring is best to kick off your golf season. The downfall to that theory is that unless you go after late April, your going to run into aerated greens, dead spots from the winter months, potential frost delays, and rain. Needless to say the summer months can be unbearable for golf as well.

What’s nice about Columbus day week is that you get the holiday weekend, just out of the hurricane season, everything is in full bloom and more importantly your golf game will be much better since you have been playing all season and your ready to go. I am not a fan of kicking off my golf season on unfamiliar courses trying to shake off the cob webs in one weekend. For some of you, as long as the beer is cold it doesn’t matter when you go.

I have a couple of do’s and dont’s on planning a golf trip with a group. I recommend that you have a group leader that is well organized to take care of all the arrangements. Make sure the group buys that person dinner and drinks for his or her efforts and pays them on time.

Plan your tee times according to your life style, if drinking to the sun comes up is what you like, don’t make an 8 am tee time. Make sure you have directions to the courses BEFORE you leave the hotel.

If you are renting more than one car, make sure that the names on the car will actually leave the hotel. It is highly recommended to take your clubs out of the rental car at night, that is a big business in Myrtle Beach and we learned that the hard way.

When calling “shot gun” for the ride home and you make a stop on the way home, that is not considered the same trip…get in the back seat and avoid walking 3 miles with your boogie board back to the hotel.

Before you commit to taking a golf trip with the boys, check your calender and make sure it doesn’t conflict with your wedding day or the birth of your child.

Even though the season is coming to a close, Sink the Putts will keep you reading throughout the off season. We are following Matt Parziale on his journey to the big show. The 2010 equipment is already rolling on the shelves, watch for the latest equipment reviews. We will also be giving you course reviews from the 5 or 6 courses we will play next week and are looking for our readers to send in course reviews of their own so please contact us if you would like to rate a golf course.

Finally if your a fan of hockey, Sink the Putts just launched a new hockey blog Stick to Hockey, come check it out as that site continues to grow.

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