As a self-admitted “golf nut” I’m always searching for that edge to help my game.  As with many golfers, I struggle with consistency.  I could have a great round one day and two days later play as though I have just taken up the game.  Last year was a turning point in my game, my irons were consistent, my proximity to the flag was smaller, but my scores were still inconsistent.  As I looked at my stats, the glaring issue had become my driver, I had no idea where it was going leading to 4-5 wasted shots per round.  Hitting three fairways per round and missing many others that resulted in having to punch out, had me desperate for help. I’ve tried over a dozen different shafts this past season, searching for some sort of consistency, without any success.

TPT Golf

I happened to be watching an LPGA Tournament one weekend and caught a glimpse of a shaft that I had never seen.  A couple of weeks later I saw a top European and PGA Tour player with the same shaft and I did some research.  The Shaft TPT from TPT Golf, a Swiss company that has a deep history in Aviation/Aerospace, Formula 1 Racing, America’s Cup Sailing and now golf.  TPT (Thin Ply Technology). I didn’t understand all of the science, but something I read, made me decide to give them a try.  

I put the TPT MKP/MT/SW into play my final two rounds of November, WOW! I hit 11 and 12 fairways and my misses were just off.  More importantly, my little fade was back.  I had the opportunity to play again late December and early January while traveling to Florida.  The results were not only similar, but I gained the distance I had lost over the past couple of years.  I’m excited to start the season with the confidence that my fade is back, my distance is back and the confidence of knowing that, even if I miss, if will be in play!  Next up, fix my putter!