Sunice for all kinds of weather: So Nice

SuniceBerlin Some may remember a few glitches in the rain gear of players at the Ryder Cup in Wales a few years back.  Not so with the outerwear by Sunice supplied for the Solheim Cup in 2015 and the Presidents’ Cup in 2015, the official outerwear provider to the teams.  Certainly this Montreal-based company gets high fives for the wear ability and performance of their rain apparel. Not only do the vests, pants and jackets keep the water out, they do so stealthy without any crackles or cackles.

s62504_6785-front-medium With ergonomic construction, you are able to focus on your game, not what you’re wearing. And Sunice garments move with you naturally. Near the top of the line are their Gore-Tex and Gore-Tex Paclite Rainwear that comes with a lifetime waterproof guarantee and welcome details like stretch inserts, X-Static liners,  and of course waterproof zippers throughout.

s64505_7204-front-medium Other products including their FlexVent Rainwear,  one of the most waterproof fabrics on the planet and Zephal Rainwear with one of the lightest woven stretch fabrics you can find, come in long sleeve and short sleeve versions and are highly rated among pros and amateurs alike. There are garments to block wind and other items to keep you warm.  Among the clear sharp colors for men and women are scarlet flame, Collegiate blue with charcoal details,  pure black, Precious Purple, Lavender Divot, Aquarius and other delicious colors.

s42503_6669-front-mediumLayer up with Sunice’s stretch thermal pullovers and you’re good to go for all kinds of weather with everything rendered in sharp, sophisticated styling.  That goes also for their polos and other sportswear for men and women, Indeed Sunice is Nice.