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Augusta, GAThe Masters Tournament has an uncanny ability to produce the best reality TV on the planet. The drama, the storyline and the result can never be scripted and this year proved no different. We all know the story; a young, unbelievably talented player embarked on his golf career with great expectations of major wins; but the major trophies eluded him for nearly 20 years. This year the Augusta National story was his to tell. Sergio Garcia, a great driver of the ball found the fairway when it counted most, on the 1st play-off hole, when his worthy opponent, Justin Rose didn’t – and this made all the difference.

Finding the fairway consistently has everything to do with rhythm. Irrespective of your golf technique, if you lose your rhythm, your hands, body and club are out of sync, resulting in your ball travelling off target. Swingclick has identified the key to keeping your rhythm. If you finish your backswing, you create time in your swing for your hands, body and club to work in sync. As a result, rhythm has become quantifiable for every golfer.

“The challenge for most golfers, is that their transition is too quick and this invariably leads to not finishing your backswing. If you can have a little patience in creating a smoother transition, your results will be consistent,” says Swingclick Managing Director, Mike Quinn.

Practice Makes Perfect with Swingclick

The Swingclick rhythm and tempo trainer gives every golfer the opportunity to ‘practice-with-purpose’. The Swingclick is a simple device that straps to a golfer’s forearm just below the elbow. The device makes three clicking sounds: at the top of the backswing, at impact and on the follow-through.


Swingclick Trainer

On the takeaway, Swingclick clicks at the top of your backswing giving you a mental cue and the proper feeling of when you have finished your backswing and when to start your downswing. If your transition is too quick, or you haven’t finished your backswing, it won’t click.


You will hear the click sound when going into your backswing and on your downswing

European Tour Player, Jaco Ahlers said “If I was going to practice one thing for the rest of my life, it’s going to be rhythm. The Swingclick has allowed me to understand rhythm better, to make it logical and repeatable. I literally focus on completing my backswing and having a smooth transition and the audio feedback from the Swingclick, makes this easy”. Ahlers started the 2016 season with four missed cuts on the Sunshine Tour in South Africa. He diligently started practicing with the Swingclick in May 2016 and by the end of the year, he had won 3 Tournaments, and qualified for his European Tour Card. The secret to his success was a renewed focus on rhythm.

Swingclick PLUS is available for purchase at Amazon and on www.swingclickgolf.com. The retail price is $35. It works for everyone – from pros to beginners and can be used on the driving range, on a golf course during a social round or indoors. Voted “Best Golf Training Aid of 2016” at the 24th Annual International Network of Golf (ING) Industry Honors Awards, held at the PGA Show 2017.




Liesel Niehaus

Managing Director – Sales


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