Jaco Ahlers

SOUTH AFRICA – The Swingclick Golf Training Aid is in the limelight again, after their sponsored player Jaco Ahlers captured his 6th Tour victory at the Vodacom Origins of Golf Euphoria Championship on the Sunshine Tour. After a credible top 25 finish at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship in Scotland,  Ahlers has returned to South Africa to take his place in the winner’s circle once again. This makes it his 3rd tour win since he started using the Swingclick in May this year.

“The Swingclick is definitely one of my best ‘finds’ ever. It’s given me an easy way to find my rhythm when I’m practicing and I’m able to take that rhythm onto the golf course. I’m able to replicate a smooth transition in my swing, which gives me the consistency I need in hitting fairways and greens.” Ahlers commented.

In an interview with Mike Quinn, the Managing Director of Swingclick, he said: “I’ve been in the golf industry for many years and I’ve seen my share of golf training aids, but the Swingclick is really something special. The fact that such a simple product can solve such a fundamental challenge in the golf swing, is what makes it so unique. To date, teaching rhythm or even practicing consistent rhythm has been an elusive concept. We’ve never been able to quantify it properly, but now we can.”

The key to great rhythm is finishing your backswing. Most golfers are too quick and their transition is too quick. This results in their hands, arms and body being out of sync. The Swingclick solves this problem by giving the golfer audio feedback to complete their backswing consistently. The Swingclick straps to a golfer’s forearm and clicks at the top of the backswing, at impact and finish. Like a metronome it gives the golfer the audio feedback of great rhythm. But most importantly, it gives audio feedback when you have completed your backswing.


Swingclick Golf Trainer

“When you don’t finish your backswing, it doesn’t click. It’s that simple”, said Quinn. “If you want consistent rhythm, all you need is a little patience at the top of your swing. It’s also great for helping players turn their shoulder a fraction further, to get a better rotation and then they end up hitting the ball further too.”

The Swingclick is unique in that it is one of the only rhythm and tempo trainers which you can use with all your clubs, on a driving range or in a social round on a golf course. This is great, particularly for juniors and beginners as they learn to take their game from the driving range onto the course.

“I think every golfer should try it. We all need great rhythm and we all need an easy way to play better golf”, said Ahlers on his final comment.

The Swingclick PLUS is available for the Holiday Season in blue, red, orange, and purple for $35 on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and swingclickgolf.com. The original SwingClick is $19.99. Quantity discounts are available for golf academies and PGA professionals. For more information and video tips, visit swingclickgolf.com.