Everyone knows that there is a training aid or game improvement product out there that claims to fix your golf game. Remember that none of them will work without practice and measured success by shooting lower scores. Here are the aids we feel you should take a look at this year to lower your handicap because most can be used together and we truly feel they are the Best Game Improvement Products on the market today!

g1DST Compressor | DSTGolf.com Learn how to lean on every shot like a tour pro with this one of a kind training club. Over 400 of the top golfers in the world trust this product to hit crisper iron shots and so should you. Accompanying the bent-shaft Compressor is the new straight-shafted model. Both feature a Hand Position Alignment Marker assure proper forward lean at impact. Wait to you watch your ball flight patterns improve immediately. This product is sure to make you stripe it!

g2Hole Out Golf | HoleOut.com The collection of everyday golf tools from Hole Out include the best golf tee to ever hit the market and a simple device to cure the dreaded sway. The PerfectTee features a patented Diamond Shape Shaft. Its ergonomically de-sign won’t catch a dimple removing unwanted spin. This USGA conforming plastic tee will last round over round. The best part is its only $5.95 for an eight pack. To get rid of a common swing flaw many have look no further than the Anti Sway Pro. The dual armature design pro¬vides instant feedback. If you feel pressure you know the dreaded sway has taken place. It’s the golf lesson that keeps on giving.

g5Laser Golf Cap | LaserGolfCap.com We love products that you know work just from hearing its name. Used mainly for short games the laser on the bill of the one size fits all hat. Moving your head and not focusing on the ball will be a thing of the past by practicing your pitching, chipping and putting wearing the Laser Golf Cap. We love the price at under $50.

g6SkyTrak | SkyTrakGolf.com

Owning a launch monitor and golf simulator just got a whole lot more affordable and accurate. We feel that the more you know your ball flight and distance the lower scores you will shoot. You can now play the World Golf Tour and receive all the launch data at the same time. You can’t beat the price at around $3000 for a complete package.

g7MISIG | FeelTheStretch.com

The MISIG, Most Important Stretch in Golf says it all. It is the ultimate warm up tool and also comes with a stretching, swing training and exercise program. The product is designed around one of the key components to a great swing – the takeaway. Every golfer can improve their range of motion using the included three different length bands. This break through golf training aid is the real deal!

g8SwingClick PLUSSwingClickGolf.com We cannot say enough about this product. It literally will change your golf swing in minutes creating a rhythm during transition you have never felt before. Simply strap the transition trainer to your forearm and swing away. It will click at the top of your swing, click at the ball and again when you completely finish your swing. It can even be used for knockdowns, pitching and chipping.