What is the Most Important Thing a Golf Client Wants?

They want something NEW and FUN that customers will use over and over again!

The biggest issue selling golf premiums is the fact that everything has been overused, expensive or is never used again by the recipient. Golf is a huge industry with thousands of opportunities for distributors. Potential customers include sponsors from TV and Magazines to those that sponsor hundreds of golf events locally and nationally. Do not make the mistake of offering them another golf ball, visor, shirt, or golf towel!

The solution: Offer them something fresh and fun that golfers will enjoy using time and time again while your clients’ name is seen over and over again.

Vegas Golf is an “On The Course” golf game that incorporates authentic poker chips and is currently the #1 Seeling Golf Game in the World! Vegas Golf is a truly unique game that incorporates all of the things a golfer loves to do (golf, gamble, and drink).

Golfers love to have fun, make wagers, have some drinks, and be competitive on the golf course. Vegas Golf’s success in this market is due to the fact that it accomplishes all of the above while making the game fun, easy to play, and affordable. Golfers get it! Vegas Golf has simply formalized in poker chip form what we have been doing for years.

Vegas Golf is a product that is used over and over again. Vegas Golf gives your customers ongoing brand recognition that is constantly seen throughout the 18 holes every time they play!

vegas golfOur ONLINE DEMO and our Award Winning Fundraiser demo is an absolute must see!