USAButch Harmon is undoubtedly one of the greatest golf instructors of our time and his season with Tiger Woods has solidified his teachings into the history books.

As we all know there are hundreds of books written on many golf theories by many golf teachers, but for us the teacher that has stood out the most, is Butch Harmon. During the Tiger era, Harmon’s teachings were very different from many other instructors at the time, but he had a background which few others had.

There aren’t many teachers whose father was a US Masters Champion and we imagine that from a young age his life was filled with spending time on the practice tee with his dad and other greats like Palmer, Nicklaus, Hogan, Floyd, Trevino, Watkins, Player and the list goes on. Before the age of computer generated swing analysis tools and play back on television, the game was learnt in the dirt and Butch Harmon was there.

We believe that the wealth of information he must have gained, created the foundation for his teachings. We imagine that he was privy to the talk of the greats on the golf course and on the practice tees; privy to their strategies, analysis and approach to the game.  Harmon is one of the last people walking on this planet, who was privy to this information. This was his learning ground to become one of the greatest teachers of our time.

Of everything that Butch Harmon learnt – it comes down to one drill that he taught Tiger the most. Learn to complete your backswing. Once you get past grip, alignment, stance and posture – the biggest key is to finish your backswing. Under pressure, this is the secret to great rhythm.

In this video on YouTube (see minute 3:26), Tiger explains how Harmon made him do this drill for hours and hours and how he hated doing it. The key was to feel as though your arms are beating your body, allowing you time in your swing for your club to get back to square.

The good thing is that the Swingclick Golf Training Aid makes this drill fun. The device straps to your leading arm and clicks at the top of your backswing, giving you audio feedback of when to start your downswing. The audio feedback helps you to complete your backswing in the same position every time. This develops muscle memory to find the top of your backswing, when you are swinging at your normal speed.

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