CBProUsole2Most golf equipment companies follow the same old marketing model- paying tour pro’s big money to play their clubs and have their logos splashed everywhere allowable by tour rules, having big spend advertising campaigns on golf telecasts and paying for full page display ads in golf publications. It appears they spend more money on promotion than producing golf equipment thus increasing the price at retail.

Tour Edge located in Batavia, Illinois rolls a little differently. They don’t pay any tour pros to play their clubs and spend precious little on advertising but in a true testament to their quality of manufacturing and effectiveness in playing characteristics pros still play their clubs. Tour Edge has relied on cutting edge innovation, state of the art manufacturing, zero tolerance quality control, a reasonable price and first class support and because of Tour Edge’s under- the- radar approach their clubs have reached near cult status amongst golf club aficionados.

While Tour Edge is a full line manufacturer but their wheelhouse has always been fairway woods and utility clubs. Their latest innovation to the Exotics CB PRO family, the CB PRO U hybrid hit stores on June1st. Created with the infamous Slip Stream™ sole of the CB PRO fairway wood the U hybrid is a mini version designed for speed and powerful performance. The limited edition U hybrid is a game changer.

The new patented Slip Stream™ sole is redesigned for even faster speed by minimizing turf contact regardless of the attack angle and position of the head at impact. The reduced wave length on the sole, compared to the original CB PRO fairway wood, allowed engineers to design new heel and toe cavities. The new cutouts in the U hybrid promote even less turf interaction and greater playability from all turf conditions.

The CB PRO U hybrid features a Carpenter 475 forged cup face combo brazed to a hyper-steel body. Exotic’s tradition of combo brazing the cupped face with a hyper steel body means that every single gram of excess weight is eliminated from the face and shifted to the sole for a lower center of gravity position in the compact head. The unsurpassed technology found in the CB PRO U is being combined with one of the hottest shafts available; The Second Generation KURO KAGE™ Silver Series features the High Density Prepreg: with up to 15% more carbon fiber and much less resin (20% vs. 33%) than standard prepreg, there are fewer “gaps” and “voids” in the prepreg creating more consistent performance, increased stability and better feel with less harshness.

The CB PRO U arrives in a red velour lined decorative box, standard with an Iomic grip, and a soft luxurious leather head cover. Tour Edge’s Exotics CB PRO U hybrids are available right hand only, 17°, 19°, and 21°. Every Tour Edge club comes with a lifetime warranty. Suggested retail is $249.99, and projected to be in stores June 1, 2015. For more information, call (800) 515-3343 or visit www.touredge.com.