Look around and you will see the latest trend for sunglasses is to don large round wire rims with bright lenses. None are more conducive to styling than the Under Armour Double Down Multiflection Sunglasses. Available in gloss rose gold or blue mirror lens shades, they really do serve as armor for your eyes while shading them. Full protection against the damaging sun rays is delivered with the latest optical innovations. Looking good means also feeling good about this protection and the improved visual clarity that Under Armour has developed. The Multiflection™ mirrored lens coating lowers light transmission & adds a layer to protect against scratches & smudges. ArmourSight® lens technology delivers up to 20% more undistorted peripheral vision & are up to ten times stronger than ordinary polycarbonate lenses.

double down

UA TUNED™ Golf Assist | Under Armour US

The new UA Tuned Golf Performance lens was designed especially for the subtle shades of green that one has to negotiate from seeing the flight of a ball on the fairway to putting surfaces. Being able to read and see the grain with these new lenses just might convert into some real green from your playing partners. Under Armour Tuned Performance eyewear blocks 100% of UVA, UVB, and VCC rays with many more frame options than just the wire rims.

After golf the comforting UA Tuned Recovery lens utilizes a proprietary and restorative color profile that eliminates harmful blue light to help regulate natural circadian rhythms and return eyes toward their peak performing state. One might not be aware of eye strain until after the Recovery lens provides comfort. The Under Armour Tuned Collection and more are developed, manufactured and distributed by Eyeking, LLC. There are plenty of stylish selections in the UA Tuned Vision Performance and Recovery System to meet the whimsy of any fashionista for styling and profiling anytime, anywhere.