by Frank Puleo

In need of a golf ball that offers excellent distance, control, feel, durability, and technology? The WhiteColor S4 from Volvik is what you are looking for.

Volvik’s Bismuth metal technology provides great explosiveness as it expands 3.5% in volume which creates great energy transfer. A more solid inner core of the golf ball helps eliminate driver spin but also helps create iron spin to help you control the golf ball. The unique coating process of the S4’s Urethane cover is used to ensure durability as the golf ball still provides you with a soft feel at impact and improved spin control.

Performance Charactaristics
Club Head Speed: 95 – 120 MPH
Driver Distance: Longest
9-Iron Spin: Highest
Short Approach Spin: Highest
Feel: Soft
Accuracy: Highest
Trajectory: Highest

The unique characteristics of the S4 offer you the “full package” in terms of what a golfer can ask in a golf ball. Along with superior distance, control, feel, durability, and technology, the S4 gives you confidence. Knowing that you are using a golf ball that is fitted to help your game, the S4 gives you the confidence you need to excel in the game.

Volvik has become the #1 color golf ball on tour over the past 30 years of production and has developed an excellent reputation of delivering perfect ball quality control and innovative development. Volvik is emerging as one of the most trusted golf ball manufacturers the world has to offer. To this day, 70 professionals are using Volvik’s ultra-high-performance golf balls on the world’s professional tours.

Join the 70 professionals and use Volvik ultra-high-performance golf balls and see what kind of improvements Volvik can make to your game.