20160901_174720 (1)It was Monday, and the 2016 Deutsche Bank Championship at the TPC of Boston was going to start in four days. The grounds were pretty empty as I walked toward the media tent to pick up my credentials for the tournament. If you have visited the tournament you probably have spent some time watching the pros working on their putting on the practice green near the clubhouse. But today there were only two guys trying to sink some 30 footers; Jason and Dash Day.  Jason was the taller of the two. Dash is his 4 year old son who looks like his Dad and obviously has the same enthusiasm for golf.

You could tell Jason, who is regarded as one of the nicest guys on the tour, was enjoying some time out of the spotlight. It reminded me of a story that Earl Woods told me when Tiger was playing at the U.S. Amateur in Newport Country Club. “I never asked Tiger if he wanted to join me at the golf course” said Earl. “He always pleaded with me to let him tag along” I am sure that Dash also wants to tag along with his Dad. My only concern was that something might happen to the Taylor Made putter that helped win three titles this year.

The evening before the start of the tournament the only pro left on the range was Jason Day. I noticed Ellie Day and Dash were on the way over to see how things were going. I introduced myself to Mrs. Day and showed her a couple of cell-phone photos of her two boys on the putting green. “I was surprised to see the Day family so early in the week” I said.  “We love New England,” said Ellie. “Today we took a trip all around Newport. It was just beautiful.”

Then Dash ran to see his dad hit some tee shots. “Daddy” said Dash “Hey son, where is mommy”  “Over there. I want to play too.” The little man took a wedge out of the bag and teed it up just like his father. After a couple of snap hooks, Dash smoked one 25 yards right down the pike. I guess you could call him a chip off the old block. Sorry about the bad pun I couldn’t resist.

It was about 7:00 P.M. and Ellie was trying to get Dash back home but he pleaded for “one more, one more” I know how he feels. If the number one golfer in the world was my coach I wouldn’t want to leave either.

It is Friday evening and I just received an alert that Ellie Day, Dash and his little sister were riding in a car when a bus crashed into the vehicle they were riding in. We received word that they were taken to a hospital for evaluation but were released. So they all seem fine, thank God. They are a great family and golf fans everywhere are surely wishing them well.