Let Zensah help your aches & pains

If you have ever experienced leg, arm or other aches and pains following or during golf, you may just find Zensah compression socks and other items they produce can do wonders. Named after the word “Senza” meaning to “be without” Zensah founders liken that to being “without limits.”

The Florida-based company makes compression products as well as other apparel for active athletes.  The compression leg sleeves specifically target shin splints with a v-shaped chevron ribbing on the front providing the same kind of relief obtained with kinesiology tape.  With Zensah there is no need to be “taped up” b a trainer. And wearing this product is said to increase blood flow and circulation leading to faster muscle recovery time.

The technology behind the material is an ultra-breathable moisture wicking fabric of polyester or nylon plus spandex that draws sweat away from the body allowing the garment and the athlete to stay cool. A seamless design means no irritating tags or ridges to cause discomfort.

They sound therapeutic — and they should because they are. But the colors and argyle patterns go the extra mile with combos like pink  (think Bermuda), turquoise, black and lime reminding us that something that works can look great.

Products include leg sleeves, shin sleeves, sports bras, new Plantar Fasciitis Sleeves, tops and tights zensah.com