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Roger Knick, Sports Performance Specialist/ Entrepreneur, has spent his entire 20+ year career developing and refining his knowledge and practical application of coaching. Lectures in the field of sports performance development for competitive and aspiring junior athletes to active competitive adults.  Has served as a consultant to many players and universities on golf, basketball, hockey, and baseball performance enhancement. Has written many articles and is in the process in writing his first book — The Best Golfer Ever Built. Originally from Danville, Virginia, Roger currently lives with his family in Ridgefield, Conn.


From the moment I began playing golf it has been a great outlet for my competitive nature and my endless need for creativity.  I reached a level of competency that allowed me to move into the professional ranks quickly. However, after suffering defeat for a few years, I began researching how to get better at golf. I sought out the best golf professionals, coaches, psychologist, equipment and anything that I could think of to help me reach my goals of playing on the PGA Tour

As I transitioned from a playing professional to a coaching professional I began to notice that there was little information, if any, which described to the golfers seeking to improve why they have not been able to get better.  There was no systematic approach to learning golf. It was left up to the local PGA professional or a father who played golf to help someone learn about the game   

I became obsessed with learning as much as I could about the game, equipment, the physical nature or biomechanics.  As I began to understand the relationship better I began referring to these pieces of golf as the Five Elements of Success, something that I have since trademarked and built our philosophy at the Golf Performance Center around. It bleeds into every aspect of our businesses. 

Now, nearly 20 years later, I am entrenched in the junior golf community,  giving back, trying to make a positive impact on the junior landscape. I enjoy helping junior golfers and parents better understand the process of development as well as helping junior golfers reach their dreams of playing collegiate golf or beyond.  That is why I created the GPC Foundation, Inc. to help talented, motivated young people achieve their greatness and help them afford the costly fees associated with golf, tournaments, travel and coaching. 

I have coached more than 100 juniors who have gone on to more than 70 different colleges and universities, competing in golf and other sports.

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MATT WARD: You wake up in the morning — what’s the driving force?

ROGER KNICK: Make a positive difference.

What provided the genesis for your efforts at Junior Golf Hub?

RK: A lot of talented players fall by the wayside.

MW: How does Golf Hub differ from others working with junior golfers?

RK: The Junior Golf Hub is an educational tool in that it enables junior golfers to determine what the best fit for them is in a college golf experience. Also, it provides college coaches with the best possible way to locate the right student athletes for their program.

: The statistical percentage of junior golfers engaged with Golf Hub from a gender side and ethnic / racial perspective?

RK: 75% of participants engaged with Junior Golf Hub are male. 25% are female. The racial and ethnic participation is very small at this point, but we expect it to rise.

MW: What role should parents play and what role should they not play in developing a junior golfer?

RK: Parents should support and love their junior golfers. Be a cheerleader, provide transportation and financial support. They should ask the right questions of the kids. Ask them what they have to gain from playing competitive golf.

MW: You’ve been working with junior golfers for over 20 years — what’s different now versus then in regards to how junior golfers ascend the competitive ladder?

RK: There’s not much difference, but It’s definitely more competitive now.. Kids are becoming better and better. Parents expectations are higher.

: A prospective junior golfer is interested in Golf Hub — what’s the first thing you say to him or her when contemplating coming to your Connecticut location?

RK: We have the best golf facility in the country.

MW: Best advice you ever received — what was it and who from?

RK: My dad told me to be yourself and work hard.

MW: Your biggest pet peeve is?

RK: Instant gratification.

MW: If you could change one thing in golf unilaterally — what would it be and why.

RK: Golfers should play from the appropriate tees until they reach par.


For more info go to: www.juniorgolfhub.com