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Volume 4, Issue 10 
March 25th, 2016





What to Wear OFF the Course at Your Club



They say that the better you look and feel, the better you will perform. While it is important to look and feel your best on the course, why shouldn’t you do the same off the course? Mizzen + Main is a great way to maintain a fresh, hot look for a dinner event at your local country club, a charity event, or just your everyday life. The company is inspired by the Mizzen and Main of a sailboat, which utilizes the winds above the ocean to move forward, in a way that their technologically advanced fabrics have allowed men’s’ golf fashion to move forward. The company prides itself on its traditional, versatile style, with fabrics that will be found[...] READ MORE>





Aveo Golf Apparel Has you Covered



Big and tall men have long plagued with finding good-looking, nice-fitting golf clothes. Sometimes the sleeves and shirts are just too short. But thanks to four-year-old company Aveo, they have you covered… literally. Created and designed by big and tall golfers Darius Hicks and Randy Peaches, Aveo clothing meets the unique needs of oversized golfers. In addition, both brand founders understand the shortcomings of the current retail offerings. For 2016, Aveo has debuted both men’s bottoms and tops. The[...] READ MORE>





The Masters - Swing Control



Azaleas at The Masters are heralds of spring while the company Swing Control claims to be “The Masters of Tummy Control” year round. Well, they do seem to have nailed it. I like the way they use their Lycra. If you are thinking grueling girdle garb, or suffocating spanx, think again. This is a comfy insert that allows free swinging movement with easy on and off, no squishing struggles, no slipping down during the round and having to pull up. That’s great but even better is the design elegance of Swing control bottoms. Pretty zippers and silver metal snaps add snappy flair.  Shorts, capris, skinny leg or boot cut pants are personal[...] READ MORE>





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