Recently, MGI Golf announced the launch of their MGI Dri-Play Golf Cart bags, which deliver protection and quality in any weather conditions and are the perfect combination of form and function for the course. These bags bridge the gap between a caddy and a bag being two separate items, and feature BAGLINK® technology, locking the foot of your MGI Dri-Play bag onto an MGI Zip Series electric caddy. The BAGLINK® technology is designed to lock the bag onto any Zip Series model and prevent twisting and turning. This way, you can ensure that it stays secure throughout your round.

The MGI Dri-Play Golf Cart bag is the perfect combination of form and function for the course and has a variety of awesome features that make this bag an absolute must-have. Firstly, the bag features a waterproof outer with seam-sealed zippers, so you know that it will stay protected regardless of the elements out on the course. Further, the bag has 14 full-length individual club dividers, a separate putter well, an insulated front cooler pocket, 9 versatile zipper pockets, and 2 velvet lined valuables pockets. Lastly, in addition to the BAGLINK® technology, the bag has an internal full-length umbrella sleeve, towel and glove ring, an adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle, and includes a waterproof rain cover.

The MGI Dri-Play Golf Cart bag is super lightweight at only ~6 pounds, is 14.5” L x 14.5” W x 36.6” H and retails between $229.00-329.00. This is the perfect item to treat yourself with for the 2021 golf season!