By Alice Scott

Surely, you’ve noticed Duca del Cosma shoes advertised or seen them in shops or on courses and wondered, are they all that? If “that” is sturdy while very comfy and stylish, then yes, they are all that. In fact, if there were a best support role award in golf, it just might go to Duca del Cosma shoes. The inside molding provides superior foot support which stabilizes the ankle as well.

Duca del Cosma was founded in 2004 by designer Baldovino Mattiazzo from Venice, Italy who was one of the best graduating students from Sarteco Fashion School in Florence, and his German designer friend, Antje Elle. Duca del Cosma means Duke of Cosma, a Venetian name in Baldovino’s family. While international shoe producer Frank van Wezel acquired the company, Baldovino remains Head of Creative Design. Duca del Cosma’s byline is “Italian Golf Evolution” and evolve they do. Baldovino introduced the first spikeless golf shoe in 2006 and this year, the SS22 collection demonstrates a commitment to sustainability through the use of recycled materials with technological innovations including a waterproof sock system. The breathable ARNEFLEX insert sole feels like a cloud for all day comfort.

“We have carefully selected new models and striking color combinations that we feel complement our extensive collection of top-quality golf shoes and offer something truly different to anything else on the market,” said Sjef van Gastel, CEO at Duca del Cosma. “We fully expect the comfortable new models and latest innovations to be a big hit with golfers able to appreciate premium hand-crafted shoes with exceptional stylish flair,” he added. Chairman Frank van Wezel has a personal thank you note inside each shoe box cover encouraging customers to write to him with comments and questions, email address included with immediate responses.

Duca del Cosma provides equal opportunity for male and female golfers to find their style with comfort and performance too. While looking for the one shoe to take to Italy and across Europe this fall to double for golf and touring all day, the women’s white King Cheetah struck my fancy to pair with neutral mix and match combos for reduced luggage space. They feel like foot huggers and will be put to the test as an all-around shoe from fairways to greens to cobblestones and promenades. The Italian Evolution, Duca del Cosma shoes are headquartered in the Netherlands and handcrafted in Northern Portugal with a global appeal. They are all that. Choose from the many styles at  www.ducadelcosma.com