If you are feeling rad or want to be, Radmor has the golf apparel for you. It leans toward the casual side of golf yet is stylish, even trendy. The most positive trend about Radmor is the sustainability intention.

Golf buddies and Co-founders Scott and Bob consider themselves “citizens of the game” and are creating golf apparel that is “Better for you, better for the planet.” As Scott explained, “My last few years in denim were focused on helping clean up a pollutant industry, and the deeper you dive into that world, you can’t really ‘unsee’ the things you discover. The proliferation of chemicals in clothing garments, the single use plastic pollution, microfiber shedding, landfill problems stemming from apparel waste, the disposability of fast fashion, etc. the list just goes on and on. And here we are, playing golf, this incredible game – a game played on a course surrounded by nature – but we’re all wearing plastic. The same plastic – eg. Polyester – that’s contributing to many of the very same issues I list above. So, we thought, we can do better. At the very least we can offer an alternative, and with any luck motivate and inspire a few people along the way.”

The Pima cotton fabrics that Radmor employs are snug fitting without the bunch or cling effects. The shirt design has an unrestricted, soft feel that flows with movement, never distracting from swing performance. The airy feel is extremely comfortable even in high humidity and warm temperatures.

From tees to polos and hoodie tops, shorts, long pants, socks, and rad caps, for both men and women, the lines make you feel good from a physical and moral perspective. Find them all online, in select green grass shops and at Nordstrom. Hey, if it’s good enough for Nordstrom, it’s good enough. So as Scott and Bob advise, “Golf Green.” www.Radmorgolf.com