When your babysitter worked for Versace, your mom is an entrepreneurial role model and your dad is supportive too, you might have a leg up on building an apparel business like Spectrum Golf. And when you are highly functioning on the autism spectrum, you might be able to direct a hyper focus where it counts.

Carter from Spectrum GolfCarter Hughes qualifies for all the above plus; he has a commanding presence. In fact, he is a motivational speaker for the autism community. At the World Am in Myrtle Beach, he and his mentioned support team worked an exhibit at the world’s largest 19th Hole in the Convention Center. He introduced himself, “I’m Carter, CEO, and Sports Kid of the Year for Sports Illustrated.” Impressive to say the least.

Carter wanted to start a business that would provide for his future after his parents pass, not that they are near that time. He was concerned about being hired due to his autism. After many ideas, Carter started Spectrum Golf to create comfortable golf attire with feel good fabrics for people who have “skin sensitivities like me.”

Carter Spectrum pants are light and movable with functional pockets and a message imprinted inside the waistband, such as, BE DETERMINED. Shirts are ultra-soft. The initial line is simple and substantial, with khaki or navy pants and polos in red, white, or turquoise and accessory hats, visors, and socks. It will be fun to see where he progresses with his line.

Carter has met many Autism advocates along the way, including Ernie Els. 5% of all Carter Spectrum proceeds are donated annually to AUTISM foundations to assist in early interventions.

11-year-old Carter is busy with school and his business, but he takes time to just be a kid too. We noticed he had a steady hand when it comes to the game of darts as we witnessed while he was on a break, and we were shamefully in line for the Friendly’s Ice Cream at the 19th Hole of the World Am. He’s likely to hit the bull’s eye in all his life targets and Carter Spectrum is just the beginning. www.carterspectrumgolf.com