Good pairing applies to more than wine and food, such as golf partners, life mates, apparel and shoes. In the latter case, Radmor and TRUE linkswear pair well for a casual style while swinging the sticks on course or watching the Super Bowl after the wild WM Phoenix Open.

Radmor cofounders are living their college dream of producing a golf clothing brand in a cleaner, more sustainable way. Their products arrive in reusable zip lock, plastic bags with a boldly written request, “Let’s Not Be Too Hasty. No Throwing This Bag in the Trash.” Toss it in the recycle bin or reuse it. OR, what they don’t mention is that these bags are fantastic for compressing garments when packing for travel.  Insert the item, zip, and roll from the top so the air escapes through the holes in the bottom bag and voilá, you have more space in the carryon.

TRUE and RadmorTRUE linkswear founders, PGA Pro Ryan Moore and his brother Jason Moore who had caddied for Ryan, created their line of golf shoes to truly “Enjoy the Walk” for 36 holes in comfort and not worry about where to change into or out of their golf shoes. TRUE linkswear shoes now arrive with a very cool shoe bag/box with handle and a logoed towel inside for refreshing the shoes or cleaning balls during the round.

The buzzword for 2022 product launching is “dropped.” Personally, I don’t like the term, maybe because I have a negative association with “dropped the ball.”  Regardless, marketing gurus have jumped on this bandwagon and now love to tout when product lines drop and so it is:

Radmor’s fall and winter line dropped with long sleeve ¼ zip cap sleeve shirts we love for the fit and soft feel. Snow white for the gals and slate blue for the guys, we like the personified golf ball peeking out of the hole as their logo. Some versions have a squarer half hole with an unmarked ball on top of it. Either way, it’s how we want all our putts to look and with Radmor’s sustainable philosophy we can “Golf Green.” www.Radmorgolf.com

TRUE linkswear dropped their FS-01 shoes. Sturdy cardboard shoe trees maintain the forms in transit or storage. The FS-01 delivers a more traditional sneaker swag.  As with all their shoe lines, the bed of the shoe is meant to conform to the foot, yet the inserts are removable for personal arch support replacement options. This is huge since no two feet are the same. https://truelinkswear.com/