It can be disheartening to look at a forecast and see rain or thunderstorms all week long. Keeping your clubs in the garage until the dark clouds lift can be agonizing for any golfer. However, there are ways to master the game without leaving your house. Learn why a golf simulator is better than the driving range, and maybe you can add one today.

Practice Every Aspect of Your Game

When you go to the driving range, there aren’t many real golf skills involved. Usually, someone brings their driver and maybe an iron and hits a bucket of balls as far as possible. On the other hand, using a simulator lets you improve all aspects of your game, like your shot shape, distance management, and short game.

Simulators can imitate inclement conditions, so you may want to see how the ball reacts to the wind or if there is a wet green. It’s the closest thing to real life you’ll get besides going to the course itself.

Instant Feedback

Unlike driving ranges, golf simulators provide useful feedback on your swings. Simulators provide instant feedback on how your swing looks and where you may make changes. Unless you have an instructor to assist you or record yourself on the driving range, you may not realize where the hitches in your swing are.

Using the statistical data provided by a golf simulator, you can determine precisely how far you hit each club.  Knowing your striking distance to the nearest yard can help you on the golf course when you’re debating what club you should use.

Experience Course Across the World

It’s nice to have a variety of courses at your disposal rather than a handful of neighborhood courses. A golf simulator lets you experience courses across the world. The odds are most courses are too far or inclusive of taking a tee shot physically, so playing virtually might be your only option.

Another fun aspect of playing these courses is that you can compare yourself to the pros. You might not set any course records, but it would be fun to say you beat a US Open champion on a hole. Finally, a round of golf can take upwards of four-to-five hours to complete. With a simulator, you can zip through 18 holes a fraction of the time.

Never Have To Worry About the Weather

Of all the major sports across the globe, golf might be the most dependent on having nice weather to play. It can be a miserable experience dealing with cold, rainy, and windy conditions. A simulator is weatherproof, and you can play in the comfort of your own home, day or night. You might not get to enjoy the sunshine using a simulator, but you also don’t have to look at the weather report to book a tee time.

Rather than continually bringing two clubs to your local golf shop, remember why a golf simulator is better than the driving range. Any avid golf will love having it in their home, and it will help your game tremendously.