Robbie Weinberg

Managing Director

Whitson Wells PMG LLC

Interview with Matt Ward


Since 2001, I have managed the integration of a variety of niche retail and promotional products companies under the Whitson Wells umbrella.

Before Lance Armstrong hit the finish line, we were selling “awareness bracelets” online. For years, our niche was the packaging of t-shirts and towels that would be attached to DVD’s — think Marvel, Call of Duty, Breaking Bad — liquor bottle “on packs” and Pepsi vending programs that dispense full size tee shirts inside the bottles. We also had the capability to emboss a dimple pattern into golf towels.


My dad was fired from his job as a stock broker when a client had reneged on a trade. My dad had to make good, which he did. He was then fired from the company.

He never took a paycheck from another person after that. I guess that was ingrained in me from when I was young to be entrepreneurial, own my own destiny.


You wake up in the morning — what’s the driving passion? 

My day starts early. I devour 3 or 4 newspapers and try to stay ahead of the curve. Always on the lookout for trends.

What was the genesis for Coolahh golf towels? 

It’s really hot playing sports in Dallas. Those other towels that claim to cool you off don’t work. I started bringing scented ice towels to my “Robbie Activities” as my wife calls them: tennis, pickleball, basketball and golf. My friends loved them


What distinguishes your efforts from what others doing similarly in the same category? 

First there were the snappy blue towels which resemble jerky when dry and don’t absorb sweat. Now there are some cooling towels that independent reviews show that they just don’t work.


Retail costs for the product is what? 


From a time perspective — assuming active usage — what’s the shelf life of the product? 

You may want to replace the towel after three months of use, the pod won’t stretch, fade or tear.


Can clubs that purchase the towel have names and logos included too?

Absolutely, one thing that my experience in the promotional products industry has told me is that people want to attach their name on products with two caveats- they want their name to look good and they want a quality product that won’t fall apart.


Although golf is a major point of emphasis – do you see other sports using the product and how do you plan on reaching them? 

Tennis and pickleball are areas we are actively seeking relationships.

Many products often engage high profile touring professionals to endorse products. Is that something you are doing or plan to do in the near future?  

We will consider all promotional opportunities as they arise.

You can change one thing in golf unilaterally — what would it be and why? 

I would like there to be a designated divot repairer in every foursome. It takes 5 seconds to repair a divot. If everyone took the time to repair 6 divots on each green, the game would be better for all.


Best advice you ever received — what was it and who was it from?

Cliché but true, from my father-in-law Bill Dollar who was a scratch golfer at one time — “A man that likes his job never works a day in his life.”


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