While golf has had a great run in 2020 there has been an unprecedented number of new walkers strolling fairways around the world.

“We just can’t keep up with the demand for push carts or with the demand for golf products in general” said Don Haezel, President of Golf Trends Inc. whose company has been distributing golf merchandise for over 30 years.  “As fast as it comes in it goes out, most products arriving to our warehouse are spoken for before they arrive.”

Golf Trends has an outstanding reputation and following within the Canadian golf industry in providing pro shops and retailers with top quality products, with that, Bag Boy Golf products is one of the flagship brands.

For good reason, Bag Boy’s, newest and most revolutionary push cart – Nitron – has been awarded the ‘Best 3-Wheel Push Cart’ for the second consecutive year in a row by Golf Digest.  There is so much more and some cool fun stuff as well.

Bag Boy Nitron Open Push Cart

“The Nitron is unprecedented in its ability to effortlessly open and close in just a couple of seconds with no hassle,” said Perry Hilbert, Sales Manager at Bag Boy. “Everybody loves it– it is definitely a game changer.”

Nitron is the fastest opening cart in golf due to its air-powered opening system which allows the cart to open instantaneously. The nitrogen-powered canister creates air pressure, which pushes the cart open and deploys the front wheel out in a matter of seconds.

Other features that make this cart #1 are:

  • Compact fold size and lightweight for storage and transport
  • Top-Lok Technology®, a patented bag-to-cart attachment system
  • Full-feature scorecard console with integrated beverage holder, mobile device holder and golf ball storage
  • Umbrella holder with storage clip*
  • Extra large accessory bag under scorecard console for storage
  • Handle mounted parking brake

And while the golf demographic is growing and our time on the course is also changing!  Who would have thought that we can have tunes of the course?  Bobby Jones may be rolling over in his grave while my hero Payne Stewart would be grooving to the tunes.  My God we have come a long way!  We do need our phones with us, don’t we?  How else can we Insta, instantly?  Bag Boy cart features take into account for the must haves during your round.

But first a couple of other slightly less expensive options for strolling the fairways.

Bag Boy Quad XL 4-Wheel Push Cart


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Maintenance free wheels offer superior stability
  • TOP-LOK® Technology, a patented bag-to-cart attachment system
  • Extra-deep scorecard console with integrated beverage holder, mobile device holder
  • Extra-large accessory & umbrella holder
  • Handle mounted parking brake

Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart


  • Simple three-step fold, folds in seconds
  • Compact fold size
  • TOP-LOK® Technology, a patented bag-to-cart attachment system
  • Extra-deep scorecard console with integrated beverage holder, mobile device holder
  • Umbrella holder included with storage clip
  • Handle mounted parking brake

15 Years and Still Going Strong

I am not going to say that an investment into a Bag Boy cart is an investment of a lifetime but if it is anything like mine it could be an investment that lasts a lifetime.  I have had mine for over 15 years.

How does Bag Boy do it and still sell new carts I asked Don Heazel, “The carts are pushed to the limits before reaching market!  Imagine an obstacle course for golf carts that puts all the parts in the most extreme situations they might find on a golf course.  testing for curbs, several jagged/ angled speed bumps, thick grass, up and downhill encounters.  They have tip over/ balance testing jigs that calculate what angle the cart can be before tipping over and at various weights.

…and they have machines that test the brake system for down hill and notate how much weight can be in the cart at specifically down hill angles before the brake would ever fail, and there is more but I think you get it” replied Heazel.

Let’s take a look at some of the “cool” accessories that Bag Boy has come up so the we can be in tune and charged up during our rounds.

Golfer Push Cart Toys

Bag Boy Mini Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker – You can attach this to almost anything, it’s hands free and wireless, streaming off Bluetooth from your mobile phone and you can hear it up to 32 ft away.  It runs for up to 8 hours so no problem completing you round and uses a simple USB to charge.


Another option is Bag Boy Bluetooth Speaker Kit also very lightweight similarly running off Bluetooth and with a range of 32 feet has a battery life of 5 hours.

Step one in staying cool on the course for the golfer that has everything – the Bag Boy Cart Fan here is an energy-efficient 4-inch adjustable fan, mister and power bank with built-in rechargeable battery.  It even has a water misting spray option.  The 2-inch fan blades have 3 speeds, go figure and the portable battery charger bank powers any USB based device.

So, with all that electronic gadgetry – what else but a BagBoy Solar Charger/PowerBank. The lightweight 2-in-1 solar charger and power bank charges electronic devices via sunlight and incandescent light.  The portable battery charger bank powers up to two USB based devices simultaneously off of a powerful 5000 mAh battery.  Only five hours to fully charge the solar charger via USB.

Bag Boy Bags too!

Now to stay really cool and most importantly hydrated, meet the Chiller Cart Bag.  If you are walking 18 holes you get thirsty – right – water maybe?  Unless, like our course we have water fountains, so it might be more appropriate for a few cold ones?  I like that.  The Chiller Bag might just be for you, what you put inside to stay cool is totally up to you!

Hers’s what you need to know about the Chiller!  The removable, insulated cooler bag holds six 12-ounce cans – that’s 3 per side LOL.

For your clubs there is a 14-Way organizer top with full-length individual dividers and a rubberized putter well.  If you have a Bag Boy push cart and you should the TOP-LOK® Technology, a patented bag-to-cart attachment system means no straps!  Also, cool!

Additional features include: Nine zippered pockets with an oversized for balls, two for garments, two for accessories and more plus a ball retriever sleeve.

Another of the best sellers is the Revolver FX Cart Bag this with the exclusive CLIP-LOK™ Technology for its newly designed 14-way multi-material rotating top with full-length individual dividers.  Seven zippered pockets including an insulated cooler pocket

Grip-Lok base holds clubs in place while the TOP-LOK® Technology, a patented bag-to-cart attachment system keeps your bag attached to the cart.


Even though my travel covers are on hiatus for now, in the good old days took me from the most northern golf course in the world to the southern most, over a dozen visits to Asia and almost the same to Europe and South America.  Australia, New Zealand and South Africa must be next – hopefully, someday soon!  On 100% of these trips my precious Tour Edge clubs were snuggly packed away in Bag Boy Travel Covers.

For the longest time the T-10 with it’s crush-resistant ABS top was my go-to but then came the Freestyle with its additional padding for club protection and so now I have one of each on the go.

Both are easy to get clubs into and out of and provide exceptional capacity with pockets on the inside and outside to put the extra things into them that we need when traveling.

The handles on both models in tandem with wheel base systems make manoeuvring through airports simple and easy.

For more information on Bag Boy products www.bagboy.com Canadian inquiries on Bag Boy Products should be directed to: www.golftrendsinc.com or Golf Town.