For many golfers, their resolutions for the New Year are to improve upon their golf game, and be the best player they can be. One of the best ways to start improving your game is to ensure that you have golf clubs specifically fitted for you. When you get your clubs fitted to you, the professional fitter is taking a look at your measurements from a static and dynamic standpoint to ensure that the grip, length, and head design is perfect for you.

There are a lot of benefits to getting your clubs fitted. To start, you will be more comfortable on the course using clubs that are designed to your own height and style. Not to mention, when you have fitted clubs your distance control will greatly improve, you will hit your irons much straighter and you will be able to drive the ball longer. While getting your clubs fitted can sometimes be pricey, it is totally worth it.

Given the pandemic, you may be limiting how often you go out, or where you go. Luckily, virtual fitting consultations are available, and should definitely be taken advantage of! TaylorMade® Golf is making custom fitting super easy with their new virtual program. You can choose from their team of “master fitters” and schedule a live video session from your own home. This complimentary offering from TaylorMade allows you to get the expert guidance you normally would in person to select the best equipment needed for you. These virtual sessions are conducted using Zoom, and can be done from your computer or your smartphone. Throughout the session, you will answer a series of questions about your personal swing and your game, which will help the fitter customize accordingly. TaylorMade also accepts videos of your swing after you create the appointment so they can be as precise as possible! Once the appointment is over, you can review your own personalized results and recommendations in your account in the “MyFittingExp” tab, where you can customize and order the clubs that are recommended for you. Fittings have never been easier, and this is a great way to prepare for the upcoming season.