Women's Long Sleeve 24/7 (2001)

One might question if people have become careless or lackadaisical while sequestering during the pandemic and have let the leisure look slip into sloppiness. For those who do care, bloqUV’s Founder and President, Corina Biton, is there with a very casual athleisure wardrobe that looks and feels really good.

When the Miami beach gal experienced skin spots, attributed to sun damage by her dermatologist, she looked for UV protection to replace her long sleeve cotton wear that didn’t protect as she thought it did. She quickly tired of the frumpy UV choices on the racks with old lady type prints. While not all prints are “old ladyish,” solids are, well, simply solid. So it was that Corina, a former Nieman Marcus associate, waged a solid fight against frump as well as melanoma, which kills more than two people in the US every hour. She notes that one out of five Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. Enter her BloqTek, a proprietary fabric with minimum Ultraviolet Protection Factor 50 that blocks 98% UVA/UVB rays. The protection is chemical-free, inherent to the fabric and unaffected by laundering. Corina considers this a key point since UV blocking techniques of many competitive fabrics do wash out. Who knew? What is equally phenomenal about the fabric is the yummy, soft feel of it.

In stock are a long line of tops, bottoms and dresses for women, shirts for men, unisex sun sleeves and now unisex tops for toddlers and kids too. The women’s long sleeve polo dress is a popular staple with thumb holes when needed. Wear it by itself or with Compression Tights underneath. While you can never go wrong with a little black dress, the indigo hue is almost a French blue for strolling on the Riviera or anywhere. The Mock Zip Top is another long sleeve favorite with thumb holes, plus a pocket on the sleeve for cards, cash, tees, keys, these days a mask, or you name it. The mock collar can zip up tight for neck coverage or flaps back nice and flat like many cannot. A Relaxed version will be available in April.

To wrap it up, the Blanket Wrap is a very versatile accessory item – a 72”x27” rectangular piece of bloqTek that might serve as a shoulder shawl or waist sarape over a bathing suit, leg or seat cover in a golf cart or body/face covering while sunning because yes, some of us still must. For more cautionary info on melanoma and to see all the bloqUV apparel, check out their website at bloqUV.com where 22 shades of solids run the rainbow gamut.

Article by: Alice Scott