When was the last time you were tickled with a product delivery? For me it was when I received my prescription sunglasses from Tifosi. I really didn’t think I needed much vision correction and had been disappointed in scripts before, but a new prescription pair ordered online in minutes with beautiful colored frames, received in a couple weeks, changed my view of the world, literally.


Tifosi Optics Vero, Gloss Black Interchange

The world is brighter and clearer. So clear, I can finally see the flight of Danny’s golf ball, well, most of the time. And clearly, the sporty blue and white frame Vero style was the right choice because they are complimented everywhere. Vero is one of many frame options available for prescription lenses. Shirley is another in a classic tortoise or pink or turquoise colors that pop.


Tifosi Optics Shirley, Crystal Peach Blush Polarized

For anyone having a far-sighted issue in reading the score card, Tifosi introduced their Sport Readers. Lenses include a window of magnification to provide seamless transitions from long to short range views with +1.5, +2.0 and +2.5 magnification options. The Sport Readers are also available in Fototec, with a tint that gets darker as the day grows brighter.

Matchmaking is easy with Tifosi’s plethora of styles and colors. Match your mood. Match your outfit. Match your mate. Select from bright colors in frames as well as lenses or simply go black in six different frame shapes.

Make your own custom creation that is uniquely you. Choose between a selection of frame and arm colors, ear pad colors, and lens tints to make one of thousands of combinations. Customizing is available on some of their hottest sport and lifestyle models including Swank, Swick, Smirk, Svago, Sledge, Rail Race and Rivet.

Swank Crystal Sky Blue

Tifosti Optics Swank, Crystal Sky Blue

Creativity is at the core of the couple who invented the company from the perspective of fashionable designs and business promotions. Joe and Elizabeth Earley have been in business together since their second year of marriage, 30 years ago. They are intent on providing quality with technology that improves comfort, clarity, and new styling.

Their extensive team travels to all sorts of sporting events to promote their glasses and their database is updated with emails on new styles and sales. They always have a sale going on.

Currently Tifosi is honoring teachers, healthcare workers, first responders and military with 20% off. Through the end of August, take 25% off prescription glasses with code MYRX. Or click on their clearance sale.

Considering their market prices, every day is a sale day compared to other brands which is great because once you own a pair, you want to purchase another.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Tifosi customers top the flattered scale as people ask about their sunglasses and order online at www.tifosi.com.