From the very beginning, Danny loved his Sqairz and touted them in our world travels. From day one, I did not like my pair because the first design was so heavy, it felt like I had stepped into cement blocks. I really didn’t give them much of a chance and yet, when I did, they got a lot of attention for their squared toes. No need to order wide, they come that way and that aspect was comfortable.

Sqairz Freedom UltraThis year at the PGA Merchandise Show, Robert Winskowicz was excited to show me the new ladies’ model, Freedom Ultra. The shoe felt lighter, and I have respected and appreciate Robert’s gusto, his serious research and entrepreneurial machinations, but I wasn’t that interested in trying them because I currently have a few pairs of golf shoes I already truly love. If not careful, I could become the Imelda Marcos of golf shoes (for the younger crowd, she was the Philippines’ First Lady with a closet of shoes made famous by a Saturday Night Live skit in the early 2000s.  She amassed 3,000 pairs of which 800 are shown today in a museum in Manila, should you be traveling there.)

Back on the topic of Sqairz, Robert was so sure of these shoes that he sent a pair to try, cream colored with gold accents and the wonderful stay put shoelaces that never come undone.

The whole idea of Sqairz is to improve balance and distance. Who doesn’t want to increase distance that we seem to lose as years pass by?

New Sqairz women's golf shoesSo, I tried them on, and they were indeed more comfortable. I could be light on my feet while well grounded. Robert and his team had listened. We took to the tees, and I swung away, measuring the drives, and my distances were great. The swing felt good, solid, maybe due in part to the spikes. Honestly, I do not care for spikes, I never have but for the purity of the swing they may have a stabilizing factor, I must admit.

I will always love my Nailed It Golf Westee’s Marilyn style, pretty, patent leather shoes and my Duca del Cosmas for their cushy comfort and the many style options that they have including warm golf boots now. I love my Sandbagger sandals on hot humid rounds when my toes want to breathe free, and my Truelinks when I want the feel of sneakers.  But, when it comes to the upcoming World Am tournament in Myrtle Beach, I want to put my best foot forward, competing half seriously at least, still mostly having fun and so I will be wearing my Sqairz. Let’s see how far they take me. Hopefully I’ll bring my A game with them.

Danny might be the Mr. Marcos of shoes in his closet with an additional pair of Skonas

but for competition he has no qualms, it’s Sqairz all the way, every day. www.sqairz.com