When golfers hear “swing juice” they might think bourbon, tequila or the like but not t-shirts and tacos. Jon Mason, the owner of Swing Juice is now thinking out of the juice box so to speak.

Initially he created an elixir to enhance golfers’ hydration on the course and the name Swing Juice fit the bill.  Rather than battle the giants of the beverage industry, he switched the product line to t-shirts that would appeal to the growing community of casual golfers with the intention of “breaking the traditional golf mold.”

Shirts are made on demand across the street from the warehouse in Rhode Island with the most popular collection selling as “Golf and Tacos.” Jon designed the taco golfing caricature and a whole video production has ensued to promote the brand.

The Golf and Hip Hop collection appeals to the generation of golfers who get their groove on during practice and play. Dancing after a birdie putt is encouraged.

The Bushwood collection pays tribute to the home of Caddie Shack while the Augusta Bound collection is obviously a shout out to The Masters. Unfortunately, the “April is Coming” shirt might have to wait for 2021 but the “Champions Dinner Staff” and other versions will be timeless.

Then there is The Tiger Effect line referencing H15TORY, yes 15 instead of IS and GOAT with a tiger head shirt. Lastly, or at least for now, the Extra Sauce collection fills in for the golfers who prefer pizza over tacos. Either pair well after golf with a beer for buddies so koozies are on deck as well as baseball caps to match.

The shirt fabric is very soft, even snuggly. The fit is also snug, and sizes for guys and gals currently tend to run small so if you like them, order larger than you normally would. Jon has funding partners and the marketing savvy of Kara Hoover who helped Chase 54 get industry recognition. While the concepts and models seem a bit incongruent, in this upside-down world, Swing Juice t-shirts might just work.