Honma Golf’s top of the line BERES family of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons for men and women has had a redesign for 2020 and offers options in grades of 2, 3, 4 and 5-star.

“Only Honma’s most experienced takumi [skilled craftsmen] are permitted to work on BERES. These golf clubs represent the soul of our company and are the ultimate artistic expression of our most talented clubmakers,” said Hiroshi Suwa, Senior Director, Product Development Division.

The four grade options are differentiated by cosmetic detail, performance level of the shafts and use of precious metals in the clubhead including the use of both 24K gold and platinum accents in the 5-star driver.

The woods have “active speed slot technology” to help produce more ball speed that extends closer to the heel and toe for better distance on off center impacts.

“The new BERES brings modern, elegant beauty and high-performance technology to a wide range of golfers across all global markets who appreciate fine detail and impeccable craftsmanship in golf clubs,” said Chris McGinley, Vice President of Global Product.

Key Features BERES family
Four grade options
Premium ARMRQ shafts
Speed slots in woods and irons
Irons have L-cup face construction
Available in stores and online at Honma Golf
Drivers $850 to $4,500
Fairway woods $575 to $4,500
Hybrids $450 to $4,500
Irons set of 6 irons: 2-star $2,100, 3-star $3,300
Irons set of 5 irons: 4-star $6,750, 5-star $22,500