Just announced by Honma Golf is a new family of game-improvement category clubs name XP-1.

The driver has a double slot in the sole to increase flex across the entire face which can preserve ball speed when impact is not exactly in the center. In addition, the head has a draw bias giving help to straighten out the ball for those who slice and according to the company the XP-1’s carbon crown is the thinnest in the industry.

The adjustments for loft, lie and face angle use a cleverly designed system that does not change the position of the factory set spine-aligned shaft thus preserving the response characteristics of the shaft.

The 3-wood also has the carbon fiber crown while the 5- and 7-woods have a thin steel construction. All plus the XP-1 hybrids have the double sole slots and the fairway woods have an internal weighting to aid ball launch and trajectory.

The game-improvement XP-1 irons have a large profile with increased sole width for smoother turf interaction. The cavity back of the short irons (8-iron to sand wedge) is designed to help with ball launch and forgiveness while the hollow-headed long irons (4- to 7-iron) have an internal tungsten weight.

Key Features

XP-1 Driver:
Double sole slot in pear-shaped head
Ribbed carbon fiber crown
Draw bias weighting
Non-rotating design for loft, lie and face angle adjustments
Stock men’s shaft 45 ¼” Vizard 43g or 63g
Stock ladies’ shaft 43 ¾” Vizard 39g or 43g
Retail price $599.99

XP-1 Fairway Woods & Hybrids
Double sole slot design
Fairway woods have internal weighting
3-wood carbon fiber crown, 5- and 7-wood steel crown
Retail price Fairway woods $299.99, Hybrids $249.99

XP-1 Irons
Tungsten sole weighted long irons
Deep cavity design in short irons
Wide sole to minimize digging
Retail price steel shafts $174.99 each, graphite shafts $199.99 each

Images courtesy of Honma Golf