As unique as the royals themselves, Royal Albartross is heralding a lineup of exquisite shoes and accessories to the golf market. Brit, Alex Bartholomew is the founder and designer, proudly passing on to her customers an elegant appreciation for fine detailing. She flew across the pond with her little guy, nanny and team for an impressive appearance at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, complete with a red carpet in the booth for those wanting to model her luxurious shoes.

British designed. Always Handmade.  Noted on the outer packaging is “When you buy something made by a person, there is something very special there, and you feel it. The consciousness with which a product was made, is often more important than the product itself.” Kudos to the meticulous hand crafters.

Ladies First – Is it time to assess what you really want from a golf shoe? Comfort, performance, beauty? Yes, yes and yes. It turns out that all three are in the eye of the beholder and in this case the wearer. Some golfers must have a sturdy shoe to swing in. Some would just as soon be barefoot or wear flip flops. Is this a function of the golfer’s ability or swing speed? Perhaps, but it is undeniably personal and Royal Albartross offers choices:

Photo Credit: us.albartross.com Shoe Style: “Grace”

“Grace” is stylish with front tassels and a tiny strip of colored striping on the top for contrast, pretty yet sturdy as are the Liberty, Luna and Galactic models.

“Runway” comes in three colors and looks as soft as it feels. So soft that some question its functionality on the course but no one questions its global beauty after golf. I liked them for both.

Men Too – Several designs deliver a standout flare for men:

Photo Credit: us.albartross.com
Shoe Style: “Driver”

“Driver” is a limited-edition pair with dual green shades for shamrocks and Masters’ whenever it is played. “Club Croco” has the pattern you would imagine. Plus, there are The Cutler, The Forato, The Squire, The Connery and The Nova Rossa styles in different colors to see on their website.

#Linkstolife – Hashtags rule and so do transitions from one activity to another in these busy, social lives. Ok, so maybe we aren’t so socially busy right now but at the time of print golf is still one place we can go while still practicing social distancing. It is close enough for Royal Albartross shoes and accessories to be admired and enjoyed. This is a good time for online shopping and when the fight against Covid 19 is won, the shoes will be ready for “Wherever the course may take you.”