Edinburgh, UK – May 25, 2022 – Shot Scope, the industry-leader in advanced GPS and automatic shot tracking technology, has unveiled an innovative user dashboard designed to help golfers improve through an enhanced on course performance data management system.

The Shot Scope online user dashboard is an interactive space for golfers to manage their data – whether post round editing of around or a mid-week analysis of overall game improvement. The new dashboard is a great tool for any golfer seeking more clarity on where to make changes in their game and it can be used in varying capacities.

“Creating a dashboard that is user friendly and visually appealing, yet highly effective in enhancing the delivery of on course performance data, is something we always strive to achieve,” said Gavin Dear, CCO of Shot Scope. “The online dashboard is great when used in conjunction with our mobile app, as users can get a broader understanding of different areas of their game. We always look to provide a platform where users can interact with their data in however they feel most comfortable.”

The new Shot Scope user dashboard can be viewed on a larger screen, making some of the data easier to navigate and analyze in more detail. This includes post-round editing, with the enlarged screen creating a simple and easy way to view and enter data from your round. In addition, the filtering system allows golfers to process their data in an efficient manner that suits their needs. They can filter statistics by club, yardage, round, year and more – a thorough way to generate a wealth of information across multiple categories.

An enhanced feature to the dashboard is strokes gained, which allows golfers to access a plethora of statistics on all areas of their game. When working through the different categories, users can compare an overview of performance within each, with the strokes gained data working in tandem to offer an increased depth of knowledge. With a sleek look and impressive functionality, the exclusive user dashboard is host to all the data any golfer should need to fully immerse themselves in learning about how to improve their game.

The new user dashboard comes on the heels of Shot Scope introducing the innovative PRO LX+ device. A first-of-its-kind rangefinder, the PRO LX+ system includes three devices which are sold as one unit, the PRO LX+, featuring GPS-powered distances and performance tracking, or individually as the PRO LX Rangefinder and H4 Game Tracker. Today, with research showing that modern golfers rely on multiple GPS devices, players of all levels now have one device – PRO LX+ – that provides all of the on-course technology they need in one system.

“Shot Scope is thrilled to unveil this game-changing device to the golf industry, as we introduce GPS distance and performance tracking technology to laser rangefinder users for the first time ever,” adds Dear “Our V3 Smart Watch was a tremendous success when launched in 2020, and now we are bringing that same artificial intelligence to rangefinders and giving golfers a multi-product system that is offered at a price point for every budget.”

Dear adds, “For rangefinder users, Shot Scope now offers real-time game tracking data like never before, which is currently used by tens of thousands of golfers worldwide recording over 180 million shots. In fact, our data shows that amateur golfers improve by four strokes thanks to the unique fusion of accurate distance information and automatic performance tracking technology from Shot Scope devices.”

Shot Scope PRO LX+

The PRO LX+ features a wealth of golfer-friendly benefits including, advanced target lock vibration, red and black dual optics, X7 navigation, adaptive slope technology, 900-yard range which is accurate to 1 yard, a precision clear lens and a comfort stability grip. Additionally, the PRO LX+ offers 36,000 pre-loaded courses, dynamic front, back and middle GPS distances with front and carry distances to every hazard, all distances are available in yards or meters. Available at $349.99 SRP with no subscription fees and free updates.

The PRO LX+, which is available in blue, gray and orange colors, also features Shot Scope’s artificial intelligence for performance tracking via the H4 Game Tracker which magnetically attaches to the rangefinder. Backed by 16 RFID tracking tags that capture over 100 game statistics during a round of golf, the performance tracking capability works in the background and continuously scans the golfer’s swing settings. This creates an ever-increasing volume and accuracy of data collected from the golfer during play, leading to more insights and statistics that help the player understand their game better, improve on-course strategy and shoot lower scores. The water-resistant PRO LX+, which is USGA conforming, also comes with a premium carry case, lanyard, carry clip, cleaning cloth and 1 x CR123 battery.