Had an occasion to shop for a new carry bag recently and came across the Feather Carry Bag from Wilson Golf. The company is not known for its bags, but this is one that combines what you need in a bag with lightweight and generous size opening of 9.5” by 7”. The top has a molded handle and there’s a strap handle at the base to make hoisting from the car trunk very easy.


For convenience there are two full length dividers and the carrying strap is a 2-in-1 that balances itself as you walk and the price is golfer-friendly too at $99.99.


Key Features Feather Carry Bag

  • 5-divider top with two full length
  • Two handles – top and bottom
  • Two-leg stable stand
  • Five pockets
  • Full-length side, valuables, accessories, ball, beverage
  • Four-point double self-balancing padded strap
  • Hip pad
  • Umbrella holder & towel ring
  • Rain hood
  • Six color choices
  • Weight 5.1lb