Quantix Golf™ Golf Balls Outperform All Brands in Distance and Dispersion 

If you have been looking for an excuse to purchase some new golf balls for yourself, look no further. Quantix Golf, the first golf ball company in Fort Worth since Ben Hogan® in 1953, has recently tested their golf balls against other brands in distance and dispersion. The leading independent laboratory, Golf Laboratories Inc., recently tested the F18 Tour and F35 Control balls against other golf balls that are seen as top industry offerings. It was found that both of the balls not only had pinpoint accuracy, but also leading distance as well.

From these tests, the F18 Tour has officially taken the crown as the longest ball in golf™. The F18 Tour is made up of a cast urethane cover with a three-piece ball design that allows for better performance. The F35 Control, which also performed greatly, is made up of three-pieces with a proprietary lonomer Cover that provides better distance and forgiveness.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab some new balls and watch your game improve before your eyes.