Eric Romero

Head Golf Professional

Twin Dolphin Club

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico




 Born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, Eric brings with him over 15 years of experience, and a wealth of knowledge acquired from working at some of the most exclusive properties in the world. After playing golf in college and a short stint on the minitours, Eric began his career. 




As a club soccer player in high school, I broke my leg twice. Following the second break, my physician wouldn’t clear me to play competitively. Unable to return to the soccer field, I began playing golf. My passion for the game progressed, playing for three years in high school and two years at Santa Barbara City College. After a brief time on the mini tours, I returned to work under my mentor, Greg Villenueve.




You wake up in the morning — what’s the driving passion? 

 The fortune of working at one of the top facilities in the world with an amazing group of professionals, as well as the opportunity to evolve and curate the unforgettable and extraordinary experience of Twin Dolphin Club.


What elevates Twin Dolphin given the high bar for golf that exists in the immediate Cabo area?

Apart from the storied history, the tribute the golf course gives to the topography and beauty of the land coupled with the unparalleled member experience.


Curious to know — were other architects examined before settling in on Fred Couples and Todd Eckenrode? What tipped the balance in their favor?  

Fred and his vision have been a part of the project since its conception.

Who is the likely person to be interested in joining Twin Dolphin? Will the main concentration point be for those from the United States?

Any family that craves uncompromising service and incredible amenities at a thoughtfully planned, world-class golf course. While the United States is an important segment for us, Twin Dolphin will attract families looking for luxurious golf experiences from all over the world.


Talk about the playability dimensions of Twin Dolphin — a central theme focused on by Couples. 

Couples vision during the routing phase was to design a course that was accessible to all skill levels. The golf course varies in length from the Twin Dolphin tees just under 7,200 yards to the forward three tees at 5,000 yards. We’ve also incorporated a par 61 2,300 yard Ninos course into the layout, truly making Twin Dolphin Club convenient for the entire family.


Twin Dolphin is primarily for homeowners on property who are also members of the club, however, there will be some access for guests staying at the nearby Montage Los Cabos Resort. How much access will be granted for those staying there? 

 Montage Los Cabos does have limited use and access. They are allowed 5 foursomes each day and the price is $500 per round.


One of the added amenities comes after players complete the 5th hole with the Red Door. How significant will such an inclusion be? 

The arrival to the clubhouse is an experience in and of itself. You arrive at the beautifully set clubhouse that has a 180 degree view of the Sea of Cortez, featuring an event lawn equipped with a football throwing machine and soccer field. The golf shop is carefully curated with tasteful and luxurious golf brands, uniquely featuring a full bar inside. From there, a player arrives at the practice tee — driving range — where they can enjoy a beverage from the juice and smoothie bar or a sandwich from the grill in one of the four cabanas where they can relax and take in the breathtaking views.


Once a player hits the first tee, he is met with impeccable course conditions, dramatic bunkering, and a landscape that is native to the land. By the time a player completes the 5th hole, they have already been wowed when they approach Red Door 5. Complete with a professional butler to handcraft a cocktail or make a mouth-watering burrito, this luxury amenity is well-appointed with a seemingly endless amount of morsels and the necessities one needs to have an incredible day on the course. With impeccable finishes and comfortable seating to watch the match, Red Door 5 is more than a brief stop on the golf course – it’s a place that you could easily spend all day.

Is there interest at the club in possibly hosting a professional event of some kind in the near future? 

While unlikely, if we will ever host a professional event, it would be a discrete skins game with a few select tour players.


Twin Dolphin will also be using a turf type new to the Cabo golf scene. What was the rationale for that choice?

Three distinct elements went into the selection of the Tiff Grand / Tiff Eagle turf. Sustainability, playability, and color.


Many facilities tout the importance of customer service. Define the term and the approach followed at Twin Dolphin?

Exceeding expectations at every opportunity. We provide a combination of anticipated, highly-personalized, effortless and genuine service.



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Photo attribution: Courtesy Twin Dolphin.