Exciting Partnership between SuperStroke and Good Good Golf

In the sphere of golf, it is pretty rare to see two innovators – one a leading brand in grip technology, the other in entertainment and golf products – come together. That’s why the new brand ambassador partnership between SuperStroke and Good Good Golf doesn’t just stand out – it signals a shift in the industry. Let’s take a closer look at this remarkable partnership.

Why SuperStroke and Good Good Golf? What’s in It for Them?

For Good Good Golf, tapping into the brand strength of SuperStroke, the No. 1 Putter Grip in golf, brings enormous benefits. Having their golf stars use SuperStroke’s customized grips in competition is already a dream scenario. But the partnership also allows their stars to feature these grips on their popular golf entertainment channels, exposing SuperStroke to a huge audience of golf enthusiasts.

Both brands stand to benefit massively from this relationship. SuperStroke gets valuable feedback from Good Good talent and the opportunity to collaborate on future products. In return, Good Good gets to offer their fans the chance to use the same top-of-range grips as their golf heroes – a win-win for both brands.

What Does This Partnership Entail?

The partnership was launched with the SuperStroke Zenergy Pistol 2.0 grip featuring the Good Good logo. The white-and-light-blue colorway is a distinctive design that will be used extensively in Good Good’s entire line of Blade, Large Blade, and Mallet putters. The special design aligns seamlessly with the custom headcover provided with every Good Good putter, emphasizing the unity between the two brands.

In addition, the grip is available for separate purchase on both the SuperStroke and Good Good Golf websites. But what’s even more thrilling is that the companies have also launched a SuperStroke S-Tech golf club grip in the same colorway.

What Makes SuperStroke Grips a Cut Above the Rest?

SuperStroke’s Zenergy Pistol 2.0 putter grip is not your ordinary grip. It’s a blend of a pistol-style top section and “No Taper Technology” that results in an excellent grip – steadying the golfer’s upper hand and boosting the consistency of their stroke.

For those wanting more control and feedback, the S-Tech Golf Club Grip is ideal. It boasts a refined surface texture named Cross-Traction that provides incredible non-slip performance in all weather conditions.

Success Story of SuperStroke in the Golf Arena

A testament to SuperStroke’s excellence is the fact that their grips are trusted by hundreds of top professional golfers. In 2023 alone, winning golfers who used SuperStroke won 72 tournaments on major professional tours, bagging over $47.5 million in first-place prize money.

SuperStroke, using feedback from over 600 tour pros, consistently works towards improving their line of products – resulting in grips that stand at the forefront of the industry.

Why Good Good Golf is Excited About the Partnership

According to Good Good Golf Founder and CEO Matt Kendrick, SuperStroke leads the way in putter grip design, technology, and aesthetics. This is why he considers partnering with SuperStroke to be the “perfect fit.” He is excited not only about the propensity of the partnership but also about exposing the top-class grips to their audience who will undoubtedly benefit from the partnership.


There’s more to this partnership than meets the eye. It isn’t just about the branding or the added merchandise – it’s about delivering quality and precision to fans, and thereby elevating the game of golf altogether.

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