How to Keep Up with Golf During the Winter Months

Keep up with your golf passion during the off season! If you can get to an area with an open course, even if the weather is a bit colder than you’d like, we have pulled together some of the best tips and tricks on how you can overcome the winter weather and play your best game in the cold. Check them out here:

  •  Wear two pairs of socks and bundle up. The warmer you are, the more comfortable you are! Do not let coldness affect your game – bundle up and wear two pairs of socks to ensure that your feet are properly covered in case you step in any moisture. And, if you can purchase some portable heat packs for your hands and feet, that is a bonus!
  • Keep your golf balls warm. It is vital that you keep your balls warm throughout the duration of your time on the course. The colder your golf balls, the easier it is to lose ball speed, which
    ultimately affects your distance capabilities.
  • Take care of your golf bag. During the cold months, be sure to take care of your golf bag on the course. This means ensuring that it is waterproof in case there is any wet weather, as well as carrying it on the course to avoid it falling into any of the mud created by precipitation.