The art of travel is more frantic than ever and being organized is key element for all involved. The luggage side of the equation is always fraught with crucial decisions — what to take, what to leave behind. And even when those decisions are reached — how best to organize what you do bring is no less important. The interview with Alltimate founder and inventor Rashmi Hudson speaks to these issues and what those traveling can learn from her years of experience.


The Hudson Background:

Rashmi Hudson headshotRashmi Hudson was tailor made for a life on the go. Emigrating to the United States from India in 1970, Hudson majored in marketing and received her Masters in Business Administration (MBA), both from Columbus State University in Georgia.

After a successful 22-year career as a marketing executive with the Fortune 200 company, Aflac, Rashmi was ready for her next adventure. Having boarded more than 100 flights, traveling to 20 countries and logging nearly a half million miles, Hudson wanted travel to be a seamless experience for all. In 2020, she founded Alltimate Luggage and the 3-in-1 Carry-On Travel System.

The travel system boasts a proprietary design with three patents. The 3-in- 1 bag is perfect for pro athletes, busy executives and any traveling consumer that values the convenience of carry-on without the compromise that traditional luggage can so often bring.

Ledger_Enquirer_FeatureThe Alltimate 3-in-1 Travel System has won numerous awards including the 2022 BizPitch Columbus Contest and People’s Choice Awards, and garnered top mentions in the 2023 PGA New Product Zone Winner.

Hudson writes for Travel Awaits, a news forum for travelers over 55. She also attends and speaks at travel expos and local organizations on how to travel with ease.

When not planning her next trip, she likes being active and spending time with her family. Hudson chairs the Columbus State University Athletics Tennis Classic; sits on the board of the Columbus Botanical Garden; and is president of her Homeowners Association.

The Hudson Story:

My love for traveling dates back to when I was 7 years old, and we moved from India. I can still see the city lights below and get just as excited to this day. We absolutely love experiencing life in different environments.

Sometimes it’s a trip we plan in advance, and sometimes it’s spontaneous. But, it’s always intentional, and so is our packing. We pack light for day activities AND evenings out. But carrying multiple pieces of luggage has always been a juggling act.

Alltimate_wrinkle_free_ClothingMy search for the perfect luggage companion began when our family traveled to our first college football game and parents’ weekend. I had to carry my dresses on hangers for lack of a suitable garment bag — along with my luggage. My husband and daughter were in the same boat.

And juggling everything was a hassle— all the way from our car to the lobby, then waiting to check in and then to our room. Just not a pretty picture.

On top of that, having to re-iron what we packed was a nightmare.

My search for a piece of luggage that would hold my clothes, keep them wrinkle-free, and be easy to carry left me empty handed. So, when my husband said, “you’re always coming up with solutions, why don’t you invent something?” the bulldog in me took on the challenge for this new phase in life.

I set out to create a system for the smart traveler.

There were countless times when we paid for dry cleaning or spent time ironing clothes only to have them slung around the car or wrinkled in a suitcase. Parents of college students know the frustration first hand.

Personally, I hated not being able to explore my destination or spend time with family only because I had to re-iron. And, you know one bad experience with a hotel iron is all it takes to ruin the outfit and the trip!

I’m no engineer, but I always knew if I could think of it, certainly someone could create it. You know, build a better mousetrap! With my extensive (and sometimes exhaustive) experience packing up the family, and my 90-year-old father-in-law’s sage engineering advice of function first, design second, I started on a roller coaster ride to bring the ALLTIMATE™ luggage to market.


What was the genesis for Alltimate?

Hudson Alltimate luggageThe idea was born when my son was attending the University of Georgia, and we went to our first parents’ weekend. I found myself lugging my pressed clothes on my fingers along with multiple totes and wheeled luggage pieces.

Juggling was a hassle, and I was concerned about how my son would manage on future travel to medical school interviews without having to worry about wrinkled clothing.

You only get one chance to make a great first impression, and it starts with dressing for the part. When I couldn’t find suitable luggage, I invented it.


When the words “Alltimate Luggage” are mentioned – what should that convey to consumers?

It is a play on the word ULTIMATE – innovative and high-quality pieces that will make such a difference in their packing and travel experience that the Alltimate 3-in-1 Carry-On travel system will become their All-Time Favorite Travel Mate.

By design, they’re getting a product with rich value because they get to use the luggage all the time, not just when they’re on the road, because each of the pieces bring their own value proposition.


What impact did the pandemic have and what key lessons were learned as you look ahead to ’23 and beyond?

My initial inventory was delayed with the pandemic closing, so having a luggage product when airline and cruise travel was closed impacted us tremendously.

That being said, because we were just launching, we pivoted and used that time to beta test our product and explore marketing channels.

We doubled up on training and entered — and won — a pitch contest and won the grand cash prize and people’s choice award. The proceeds funded our 2023 PGA merchandise show entry in the Inventor’s Spotlight where we almost won.


What differentiates Alltimate Luggage from your competition?

Alltimate_Hudson_inventionWe own three utility patents on our 3-in-1 Carry-On travel system so the competition doesn’t have our functionality, capability nor capacity.

The Alltimate garment bag wraps around the duffle to help keep clothes wrinkle free, while allowing the traveler to carry everything needed for a trip in a compact carry-on that includes a duffle and day pack.

We are the only 3-in-1 system with flexibility built in so each piece can work independently or together, expanding capacity from 4-10 days, really useful if your destination includes shopping or receiving gifts.

Clients can use each piece of the Alltimate outside of travel to suit their daily needs. For example, the duffle doubles as a gym or studio bag and the day-pack holds everything from laptops on coffee dates to goodies from the Target shopping trip.


Who is your customer now? And what specific steps are you taking to expand your visibility to attract new ones such as Millennials?

The Alltimate customer is anyone who travels 5 times a year or more and has a need for a variety of clothing (to include wrinkle-free clothing); for example, business travelers, golfers, cruisers and weekend road warriors.

Alltimate 3-in-1 is also the perfect corporate gift for employees, sales force, and clients because the Alltimate can be branded.

The Alltimate is actively in the golf industry. How difficult is it to marry both functionality and fashion in the items you produce?

The 3-in-1 is a classically designed piece with an accent stripe and leather trim.

By using quality material, the style is elevated and notable.


In approximate percentage terms – what are sales figures in North America, via online efforts, green grass shops, and brick-and-mortar retail outlets?

Currently, about 80% of our sales are for corporate clients and member-guest tournaments.


Plenty of companies tout the importance of customer service. Define the term and the approach you follow. 

Many companies routinely raise the mantra of customer service being a crucial element for success.

The mantra is really, a penny saved is a penny earned.

If there is a manufacturer’s issue with the Alltimate, we want to make it right. We owe it to our customer who has invested in the 3-in-1 carry-on system to be happy with the purchase or gift received. We are absolutely poised to quickly swap any faulty piece.

While there were quality processes in place during the manufacturing, we further inspect each outgoing piece prior and after embroidery for corporate clients.

Hudson Luggage packing

What role does customer feedback have and how does the company incorporate that in future design efforts?

Once a purchase is made, a series of follow up emails are sent asking for review and feedback. Each review is read by the founder personally and notes are made for future design validity. For example, we’ve had one request for the luggage to be 2-4” wider, but if we do incorporate that change, the 3-in-1 won’t fit the carry-on guidelines.

Travelers have different needs and we need to hear them before manufacturing the next run. True marketing is giving the consumer what they need. We won’t know unless we listen.


Biggest challenges – short and long term – are what? And what specific steps are you taking in dealing with both in your role as head of North America.

Biggest challenge short term is reading consumer patterns and developing the right marketing strategy.

We face the classic long-term challenges of managing inventory and working capital.


How is the golf market for luggage different than say other sports the company produces for?

Golf is unique with golfers traveling to different courses around the world seeking challenge. In addition, private and prestigious clubs alike host member-guest tournaments that award premium gifts.

Whether traveling with golf buddies or attending a member-guest, golfers need a variety of clothing from golf attire to dinner jackets and everything in between.

Alltimate’s 3-in-1 Carry-On System helps them carry everything they need, while saving them time ironing, check-in fees and the stress of lost luggage.


Is there a notable difference between how men and women pack for a trip?

Both genders are really looking to get out and play as soon as they land. So, they need organized packing for quick access. Alltimate’s three pieces offer 24 pockets so everything has a place. And a way to carry their freshly pressed clothes — Alltimate has a garment bag that wraps round the duffle for wrinkle-free, flat packing.

Alltimate details by Hudson

Best advice you ever received. What was it and who was it from?

When inventing a product and bringing it to market, don’t let the naysayers discourage you. You know the market and the need better than anyone because you have lived through the pain that led to the creation.

Heed their advice and constantly make adjustments to your LIVE strategic document.


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