Anatomie outfits the global traveler and everyday adventurer in the most comfortable and stylish performance apparel. 

Anatomie women's topKate Boyer was born in Budapest and earned an MBA in International Trade in France while working as a girls’ gymnastics coach. She dressed the girls’ team in outfits she designed herself, and thereby designed her own destiny.

As a self-taught designer she developed private label collections for many exclusive resorts in St. Barth before meeting her husband, Shawn in Miami.

An Ohio native and body builder, Shawn was in Miami designing customized clothing for hard-to-fit athletic men.

It is, like they say, a marriage made in Heaven.

Together they have collaborated on apparel for many elite companies and now target men and women for clothing “designed to fly” at Anatomie.

They started with activewear but evolved from sweating in the gym to travel.

Kate and Shawn believe “the world is your playground” and are committed to delivering stylish functionality and practicality with lightweight, wrinkle resistant materials that make it possible to pack five outfits in a small cube.

Anatomie Women's Suzzette SkortCan you say carry-on? It is truly amazing.

In their first Anatomie livestream since 2020, they shared their philosophy and product line from their Miami showroom. From their beginning in a one-bedroom apartment to a warehouse they are currently growing out of, they have presented at hundreds of shows.

This was their first livestream since 2020 and can be viewed on their website www.anatomie.com.

They believe that a good foundation starts with the bottom, and they understand the different 6-7 body types for women.

So it is that they have 13 types of pants beginning with the slim Kate pant which has been purchased over 100k times for 17 years and traveled millions of miles.

Kate Pants

  • The Skyler pant replaces both heavy jeans and dress pants.
  • For a curvy apple figure, Peggy has a higher waist, longer in the butt and seam in front.
  • Kate loves sleeping on the plane in the Andrea pant, a pull-on legging replacement.
  • Apiedi shorts and the Suzette skorts are great for warm climate golfing.

The website has a shop by body type guide and fashion consulting is available.

After selecting the pant type, match it with a variety of tops and layers like the Kenya jacket and or Delaney vest, long with deep pockets.

The driving force is comfort combined with a put together look according to Shawn.

A monochromatic approach means you can do more with less for an efficient wardrobe and ease of packing. Having said that, spring brings some interspersed color collections like the dreamy Cypress Blue hue inspired by the azure seas or the standout, pretty in pink, fuchsia.

Anatomie’s guiding 3Fs are fabric, fit and function with an additional F for the women’s line – a feminine silhouette.

Men's pantsFor the women that is because, yes, they have a men’s line now that is equally sharp and irresistible for traveling.

The base of their success they say is the microfiber material from France, which is a moisture wicking, UV protective fabric. It is lightweight and hang dries rapidly. A Lifetime warranty with normal wear has resulted in only a few pairs coming back for repair.

They have a savvy digital marketing approach and customer appreciation with an opportunity for customers to become investors.

They closed their livestream with heart hand symbols saying, “We love you all.”

We love their total concept of travel apparel.

Visit the Anatomie Website For More Information: https://anatomie.com/